1. i rather do this then do a 5-15min dungeon on 20+ alts XD

  2. is this the same guy who sexsually harassed on support ticket and blamed blizzard for silensing opnion ?

  3. the hunter shooting at max range in cos pulling 5 packs in the back,team where are you, XD

  4. Sounds like they treated you as a measurable expense. It was cheaper to silence you than to actually refund players for downtime.

  5. man really just opened the picture and said i agree

  6. my guy really made at a lil longer down time on big patches and semi bit ones, my guy get another hobby to play jesus, not eveything is about wow XD

  7. well honesty it just get annoying when u at the point on only relying on vault for upgrades XD

  8. Yes, because this game explains the system so well. I would know fuck all if I didn't read here or on wowhead how craft orders work.

  9. literly jut ask because people can explain it in less then 20-30 sec XD

  10. Draconic Treatise 1 silver, refused ti craft in

  11. nothing is consider fair on global work order anymoreas you can literly only do 1 per day now, only reason laria gets crafted is because people fish for reagen save on that rank 3 diamond

  12. idk why blood dk and prot pala are getting dmg buffs as they are solid atm, the only reason i can see is because they just refuse to nerf prot war and rather bring all tank dmg up to them so they wont have to XD

  13. This is so moronic.. so we lost an actually super fun to use ability to get back 5% flat dmg increase. Quality game design, blizz..

  14. ist double tap just another aimed shot and nothing more ?

  15. well tbh over the last mounth i seen a shit ton of people making post about bad answer when they making stupid af tickets for zero reason, like there was someone who made 3-5 tickets because a guild wasnt/didnt want trans into their guild, and someone made 2 ticket trying to get valor recap, and 1 other to get a refund on a conq pvp gear because he got it the day after in vault,

  16. This is half meme post and half discussion post.

  17. pratical the fury 1 hand and frost 2hand problem, it never gonna be better and it just enables a weaker build people try to defend

  18. You must never have played Vanilla. 2h Enh oneshotted ppl.

  19. yes because windfury could proc windfury over and over again with enought luck, that not gonne be on live

  20. idk sounds a bit speacial case that a class is not fun because you can hear your char break someone bones and meat getting sliced

  21. This is how I know, you aren’t a good player, but think you are. Have a good day

  22. Ah right. Good one. Meanwhile I’m not the one saying easy affixes together would be terrifying, just that all the affixes are dogwater.

  23. then come up with some that not dogshit, because you overreaction af 70%+ are decent-good enought for the game, you cant make eveyone happy with the affects

  24. can anyone inlightent me on why i would want my divine storm/judment do also do phy dmg ? it must be bonus phy dmg because making you do phy so it will do lesss duo to armor is kinda stupid as how it looks XD

  25. not play veigar there a reason hes 46-48% winrate atm DX

  26. If Blizz didn't want you to, personal loot would still be a thing.

  27. if you need on a thing and win it then u would have won it either way as personal loot the only diffrent here is 1 person is able to win multipel items, and ofc people say it bad because its not them

  28. Nah. Personal loot is just more consistent, and consistency is more satisfying in a loot based reward system.

  29. aint no way u saying it consistence i had multipel full clear with personal and gotten 0 loot, atleast now im able yoink loot

  30. leaving keys early when its 20 and above is quite normal, but it really depends on if he used cd before nad have none now, but it still feels a bit extra to leave this early, esp in ruby



  33. Trading post got shut down, seems like there was an issue or exploit (idk which)

  34. i think it because like myself i got the quest again after complaing it and perhaps some found out how to manipulate it and get way too many coins

  35. its not bugged when it went down eveyone got a notification that it was down atm because of some bugs with people able to do the quest multipel times

  36. That seems to be how it should work but the 385 gear converting to the normal set goes against that since normal raid starts at 389.

  37. They need to do something about the RNG across so much in this game. But yes DEing a purple should give you a purple gem.

  38. think they just need bad luck protection because insp prot is what keeeping profession profittable

  39. As a death knight, fuck no I don't want this set back for a third time, we even had it in Legion and I doubt anyone likes it

  40. shhh, you got a good raid set while half of us got dog sets, now its your turn to be on the losing end

  41. they gotta give that pala transmog after making us a glow rock with out raid tier set DX

  42. Apparently everybody's main class needs a buff...

  43. my class need a buff until i can top meter with 10-20ilvl below eveyone else dx

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