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  1. More like he lick cleans first, then onto the washing and drying.

  2. The demographics of Pensacola and Mobile don't fit their business model. That's a pipe dream. The Destin area would be our best bet for a closer store, but the population is probably too small for that to ever happen.

  3. I'm pretty sure this is exactly why the Whole Foods in Mobile didn't last very long. I was shocked when I first learned Whole Foods was coming to Mobile - it just didn't make sense.

  4. Get some epoxy and mix in a bright color and stick it back together. Then sand it smooth by hand

  5. I like this idea. Then OP can hang it up as a reminder to never run end grain thru a planer again.

  6. Define “Way too early”. If I don’t have work, I think the appropriate time for the first beer is after the coffee pot is empty.

  7. I was thinking along the lines that as long as I'm golfing or fishing, it's never "too early" for a drink.

  8. I have that driver and love it! Although mine looks a bit more scuffed up. I recently tried it out against a couple new drivers and and it's still holding up well after more than 10 years of abuse!

  9. I think the best photo is the one where our dude is doing a show and tell to the cat.

  10. Well, the house in the 2nd picture just got access to a much larger swimming pool.

  11. The signs, pin flags, tee markers, and an entire bathroom door have been stolen off of our course in broad daylight. Those Ryobis are like found money.

  12. The thought of someone carrying around a bathroom door is funny to me.

  13. Maybe the lowest part should be painted in bright pink too.

  14. I have a theory that while the height from the bottom of the bridge to road directly underneath is technically 10', but because the road is a slight valley right there, the actual height is much less, depending on the length of the truck. I bet most of these trucks are less than 10' tall and are wondering why they hit the bridge.

  15. I know a family that's planning to get a truck like this. They go camping with their 5th wheel about once a month and just had their fourth kid, and plan to have one or two more. The only other option was to take two vehicles for their camping, which they didn't want to do.

  16. Check out Ohuhu alcohol markers...wayyyy cheaper than Copic and a good way to practice. Get some grays and then you can lay that directly on colors where you want the shadows and then go back over with the color to blend. Works pretty well and super fun.

  17. The grey method is what I was going to recommend - use cool greys to do some simple shading then go over with your color.

  18. She's a cutie! But I couldn't imagine a Jack Russell / Pit mix - the energy and attitude!

  19. let me leave a comment so i can tell myself i'll come back to this and then never actually do that

  20. For me, it's to the forgotten land of saved posts - where good intentions go to die.

  21. The hole is too big, the interior cavity is too big, and it doesn't look like there's an easy way to clean it out between seasons which means it will be infested with mites in no time.

  22. I'm assuming your comment about the porch roof being too close is because it gives predators easier access? I'm about to build a couple birdhouses for our place and want to try something fancier like OP's build.

  23. Now they just need to add an empty box to the swing to get the cat onto the swing.

  24. I haven't tried it, so I can't make any statements about the quality, but there's a food truck next to Tacos El "Amigo" on Tippin Ave that serves Ceviche. I can't remember if the food is Peru or Chile based.

  25. Thank you! I’ve been sincerely surprised by the amount of brutalist architecture here and it’s really warmed my heart. I’m looking forward to exploring the city further on.

  26. Agreed! I visited DC for the first time about a month ago and loved looking at the architecture. My first thought on entering the subway station was to get a good photo of the walls/ceiling with the concrete grids and submit it to this sub - which I failed to do.

  27. Thank you! It can be a calming process:

  28. Not the OP, but thank you for the ideas and directions! I'm definitely going to try this out. I totally see how this could be a calming process, even for someone with limited watercolor skills like myself. Thanks for sharing!

  29. I feel I gotta be the one to say he is looking amazing, ESPECIALLY for being two decades old

  30. This is what I was thinking - he looks good! When mine reached 17, she looked more like 27.

  31. I would suggest checking out Exceed notebooks - sold at Walmart. I discovered them thru a post from StationaryNerd.

  32. 120 pages, 100GSM AND page numbers. That's pretty awesome.

  33. I personally use their small pocket sized notebooks, which is only 78gsm, but it still doesn't bleed thru, unless I use Sharpie or alcohol based markers. But for the last year or so, you can't find the small size with the dotted pages.

  34. Oh, she's definitely about to slap some ass in this photo.

  35. So cool all over, that chevron shiplap really brings it all together and makes it a 10.5 out of 10!

  36. These are awesome! Love the countdown detail on the predator grips!

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