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  1. It appears the rocket league tournaments are messed up. Checked earlier today there was a 9 pm EST tourney. 20 mins before it is supposed to start there is no more 9 pm tournament. Same thing happened with the 6 pm tourney. Hope they fix this soon!

  2. Congrats! I just got my shiny mewtwo a couple days ago as well

  3. Thanks! It took me like 5 or 6 days playing a couple hours each day. I didn’t count but I would say over 1,000 SRs. What about you?

  4. I would be up for it! I will want to evolve my kadabra and haunter soon

  5. I have all of those. I'm looking for sword exclusives so seedot, flagpole, slurpuff, farfetch'd, scraggy, gothita, escavalier, rufflet, mawile, turtonator, solrock, jangno-o, or deino.

  6. Anyone able to help by trading over a non-English ditto? Willing to help with some completion of your Pokédex. Maybe some trading evolutions or anything really!

  7. Congrats! Glad it helped another person

  8. Why is that the lower level works when more gastly spawn on the higher floors?

  9. I need help with getting a Vulpix. It my last before completing my Pokédex in let’s go pikachu

  10. Can someone trade me a Vulpix he is the last one I need for my Pokédex!

  11. Cerulean city!!! They are behind the Day care in the grass!

  12. All I need is a Vulpix to complete my Pokédex can anyone help? I’m on right now

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