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  1. Caremark needed a PA for me and for my husband. I am not t2d and my PA was accepted. My husband IS t2d and he was rejected and told to try Ozempic first. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. Can I ask did you respond for your own PA or did your doctor? I have Caremark and I don’t think my doctor would reply but I was thinking I’d try

  3. I did not do anything. I am pretty sure it has to be between the provider and the insurance company.

  4. I washed them, ironed them, folded them neatly and put them in several under bed storage boxes. I started at 324 and am 250. I went down 6 sizes in 6 months. My size difference gives me enormous anxiety. It is really difficult for me to process this change and it was very hard for me to process giving away my entire wardrobe.

  5. It is for me, too. 27-30 migraine days a month for years down to 3-4 a month. It did take four full months to start working, but now it's perfect!

  6. Can you tell me which antipsychotics are working best for your husband?

  7. Seroquel 100mg, Latuda 120mg, and Wellbutrin 300mg. He was on 600mg of Seroquel for stabilization initially and then switched to Latuda being the primary med.

  8. I think you can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week if you have 30 pounds or less to lose. A huge number of the people losing more have a lot more to lose. I think you're doing great and I would stay the course and trust the process.

  9. 26 degrees here today and I've taken the puppy out a dozen times in a t-shirt and shorts! When he's gotta go, he's gotta go!

  10. Scene 75 in Cleveland and Urban Air in Akron/Montrose

  11. This exact conversation just happened between my husband and his endocrinologist today! She said her patients on Trulicity lose "fantastic" amounts of weight on it when they work with a nutritionist and do "any form" of exercise. I am excited for him. He's T2D and has several comorbidities.

  12. It's your BMI. It's not high enough. My guess is when you weigh at the doctor it is under 30. At 5'5"/180 that's exactly at 30. You'll need a BMI consistently over 30 and a comorbid condition, likely to get a doctor to prescribe it. The teledocs don't seem to follow that rule though.

  13. Call NAMI (national alliance on mental health) in Cleveland. They are wonderful and so helpful. 216-875-0266. They will get resources for you.

  14. You need to see your university's disability services center to find out what documentation you need, and fill out a form to request accommodations.

  15. I am 49 and in grad school. I've done this every year for all degrees. It makes my life immeasurably easier. Be sure to follow student services' rules ... i.e. share your documentation with the professor in the first week of class, give as much notice as you can, etc.

  16. There has not been moderation to this sub as long as I have been following (July 2022). I think the idea would be to create a new sub that is well moderated. This one is SO bad. Today was business as usual. Completely toxic. So much gatekeeping.

  17. How about Annabel's in Highland Square? There aren't many people in there during the days, but it's an interesting crowd, for sure. Usually good music on the jukebox.

  18. I want to check it out, but every time I go by it's closed. Are they usually open during the day on weekends?

  19. My husband and my mom know (I'm 49f) and so do my young adult children (16, 18, 20). That's all. It's really no one's business. I haven't shared my other medications with others so this is no different.

  20. My insurance is being such an asshole about Zofran coverage. I have this Dx and they covered Mounjaro (that’s a whole different rant and no one wants to hear it I’m sure). In full. Almost no one is doing that yet. And I’ve got three contraindicated situations, one of which is gastroparesis. And I’m doing it because insurance doesn’t cover second opinions and I really need the treatment from that specialist. I hate it.

  21. It's not cheap, cheap, but much cheaper than the brand name. The generic for Zofran is Ondenastron and it's about $65 for 20 tablets if you pay out of pocket. I know insurance companies are nuts.

  22. Please try to submit a PA. If it is denied, and you have T2D, you can apply the coupon for $500 off.

  23. My PA was accepted early August 2022. My PA was accepted for a diagnosis of obesity, class 3. I have a union-sponsored prescription plan through Caremark and Medical Mutual. My plan ironically does not cover weight loss medications, but does cover Mounjaro and Ozempic for weight loss within a certain BMI threshold. No PA guidelines that I've found. With insurance, I pay $0 for Mounjaro. My approval was approved within 12 hours of the first submission. My PA was sent by a provider through Sequence. They did not charge me to send a PA.

  24. I am 49f HW 340 SW 324 CW 256 GW 160. I just hit my 100# to goal weight!

  25. Congrats! How much time did it take? And were you on a GLP the whole time?

  26. I went from 340-324 just by the pandemic shifting and leaving my house, working at work and not eating ice cream every day. The 340 weight was Jan 2021, so after almost an entire year of sitting on my sofa. I started Mounjaro on August 4, 2022 and have titrated each month, currently on 15mg. I've also been doing Weight Watchers (online only) with the Mounjaro so I can learn better portion control and choices.

  27. Call your hospital system and ask for an appointment with a medical obesity specialist. Medical as opposed to surgical.

  28. I am this way all of the time. It's anxiety, ocd specifically. Try a little CBD to even out the anxiety!

  29. Just be honest. Print out research based articles and bring them with you. Is your BMI over 30? That would likely factor into his decision, too.

  30. We live on NE Ohio and one month my sister had a $350 electric bill in her 800 square foot apartment from a window unit air conditioner as it is normally about $145. It is SO dependent on your usage.

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