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  1. Yeah almost 2% terps really lemony smell and gets me high taste good too so no complaints

  2. This cop needs his badge taken.. the fact this is in Costa Mesa too which has a ton of Japanese/Asian and Latino culture.. this cop is just an asshole

  3. Looks like my set up that everyone roasted me for a few weeks ago lmao

  4. Holy shit!!!! I'm doing this for my b-day in 2 weeks! I'm so excited!!!

  5. Lol sits next to a family and is causally sweating balls with huge pupils 🤣 love it

  6. Just go to bro I don’t feel like looking it up and doing all that

  7. I know this kid in real life lol I actually worked with him when this video came out 😂 his name is jack lol

  8. “I picked up some killer kind bud (totally sins) in Boston Gardens, some excellent tickets and then saw the Dead! Now, that's something!”

  9. I come from Ohio and I recommend going to weedys Monroe for your first time you get half off up too 200$ so you can get an ounce for like 80$ of some top shelf but that’s just me

  10. five and dime! we're located at 8 and mound. medical only. we have $50oz's, $70oz's, $90oz's $100oz's & up! fully stocked up on edibles, concentrates and carts, too.

  11. Bros gonna sleep for two days and wake up thinking it’s a couple hours later

  12. Some dispos sell them at the store for exactly this reason I believe

  13. I just think an mdma sub should feature mdma and not Xanax

  14. That’s a good deal if you enjoy quantity over quality

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