1. So my character has a sort of homebrew dragon curse. The curse comes from a dragon who dies of natural causes (was not slain/killed). The spirit waits for a host within its old loot and takes over the creature by feeding on its greed and aggression. Unfortunately, my character is tired, depressed, and calm. Now when my character loses control of his emotions, he takes a cursed form. It has some cool features like a claws for unarmed strikes and wings to fly, but the main downsides are his stats. In his cursed form, he gains +2 to strength, dexterity, and constitution rolls and has -4 wisdom, intelligence, and charisma (except intimidation).

  2. That physical stat bonus is nice but jeez -4? Also always cool adding more stuff to dragons!

  3. It pretty much makes him a wild animal in this state. Thus far, it has only been used in combat settings, so it hasn't come up/been a problem yet. It will probably be a problem later against a magic enemy or in a RP setting.

  4. I would definitely let your players know about this beforehand. Maybe run a session 0 or something where they don't have any plot related stuff, but are just learning the rules of the world

  5. "Where have you been?" Mrs. Weasley asked calmly

  6. Counterpoint... -Because Viney started strength training earlier, her score is slightly ahead of Willow. I must emphasize SLIGHTLY. Willow is catching up fast

  7. An unexpected post, but a welcome one to be sure

  8. An imitation it may be, but together makes a fine spectacle

  9. There was this one guy who I knew from school, grade below mine. Our local library was holding a dnd campaign for people who were interested. During the first or second session, he attacked a guard. On its own, this would have been fine, until the guard restrained him and he started screaming r**e. Keep in mind, this was in a public library with kids who were as young as their first year in middle school.


  11. Um... *All of Class 1-A pops up from behind the couch

  12. Ann can just obliterate anything with her INSANE gun ammo capacity and showtime spams.

  13. SERIOUSLY THO! Once you get to a certain point, you are able to just switch to Ann for showtime boost, gun for like 2 seconds, Showtime, and repeat like 3 times per encounter. If your curious, it works best to spray multiple enemies rather than focus-fire one.

  14. Smash bros x Legend of Vox Machina. Now, THIS is something I can get behind.

  15. Imma be the very best like no one ever was

  16. I don't remember the weaknesses for them, but something you can try is using multitarget attacks to see what works with your party then use single target attacks to use baton passes for max damage

  17. I think he would most likely be a support character who specializes in buffs/debuff along with charge and concentration. For attacks, probably a combination of medium to strong almighty and bless attacks

  18. I like it, but I would personally rank Ryuji a bit higher

  19. From what I hear, it's not any worse than the new pokemon games.If you get it, make sure to save frequently, especially after/during palaces and boss fights

  20. Alright, hear me out. A song battle on Alastor's radio station between him and Charlie. Not necessarily a rap battle, but just a song of Charlie trying to advertise the hotel and Alastor belittling her, pointing out flaws, and generally making her upset and self-conscious.

  21. So like a duet, both singing back and forth and exactly like what you said. Pointing out flaws and so forth.

  22. Yeah. The song I think of as an example would be "Life is Fun" from Theoddonesout on youtube.

  23. That is kinda the reason, i dont remember when was this said but basically the others follow the first team and work as a back up (the teammate change for example) or support (healing after battle)

  24. The in-game reason is that having the whole group would be easy to notice, so they only have four at a time in the main group while the rest follow behind

  25. What do you mean? He's in the Automatic tier. As in you don't need to put aside time to rank him up. Same with Mona and Sae.

  26. “Mishima being a Phantom Thief isn’t my whole life. So it’s pretty sad that it’s yours.”

  27. "Mishima, if No Man's Sky were a videogame, it'd be you"

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