1. The Disney TVA account is much much different than Disney itself

  2. Sadly I deleted the doc awhile back.

  3. However, I would be up for re-doing the series, working in all the new information we now have regarding lore.

  4. If you need my help I’d be glad to assist you, I’m something of a writer myself.

  5. Flying Spaghetti Monster sweeps no dif 🥶

  6. I was so sure it would be a Christmas MU like Jack Skellington vs The Grinch

  7. 40 straight hours of gameplay that’s just Kratos and Atreus rowing down the Nile with Kratos occasionally saying “boy”

  8. No pictures yet but I will add where I was when I get back from vacation

  9. My moms last name is Cunningham and my dad is Morrison so Morri + ingham

  10. Connections: both were cops who had gotten themselves into an insanely dangerous situation (hostage situation and working under Gus fring) both have a younger relative that they would do anything to see (John’s children and Mike’s granddaughter) and they have worked with someone else to get something they needed (John with Al Powell to get the hostages out of the building and Mike with Walter and Jesse for the train heist, getting the computer, and more)

  11. I know shuri becomes the panther in the comics but I feel like the queen would’ve been a better black panther story wise

  12. Am I the only one who was hoping the queen would be the next black panther? I know shuri is the panther of the comics and all but I felt way more connected to Ramonda. Other than that I LOVED this movie, and in my opinion I felt like this was almost as good as BP1. Definitely one of if not the best phase 4 movies

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