1. I’m seeing this now on CBS. Wow. I wonder how many will fall (dead) for (from) this one.

  2. DeathVaxx Defense Force Activate! In the form of sacred bee! In the shape of slithering snake!

  3. Despite loud qualified voices calling for a halt to the mRNA jabs the government and Health authorities have approved and are encouraging 5 to 18 year olds to get the Jabs! So this emergency use, which gives the manufacturers absolute immunity from negative effects, should continue forever? Why? Who is benefiting from this? Why have our children become pawns? What the hell is going on? On another note, why are our elected leaders rubbing shoulders with the WEF? Including the UN! Who gave the elected leaders the authority to openly prostitute themselves to the WEF which is a private institution representing the Capitalist interests of its members who are the super rich one percent of this world population. Our elected leaders are openly fooling around with our national interests to put forward the agendas of the profiteering of the 1 percent to the detriment of our national economies and our children’s future! Are we going to twiddle our thumbs!

  4. Just as medical practice is geared to the benefit of doctors (why else would women lie in hospital bed to deliver a baby?), all of education system is geared to make teaching (not learning) as easy as possible. Easiest thing for teachers is to measure the level of accurate regurgitation of prepared set of indisputable facts. So since those that excel at regurgitation is rewarded in school at all levels, a lot of people become really good at repeating the narrative.

  5. a mother’s breast milk is pretty much same as her blood minus the hemoglobin. i’d be amazed if there are any nursing moms who’d sign up for such a study. I’d also be amazed if the govt health organizations with raw population data would allow data of such sensitive nature to be distributed for analysis.

  6. Actually my aunt did die from the vaxx. So she can say scaly’s aunt died.

  7. Many people are more than happy to bury and forget traumatic events. Some exceptions are death of children (death of parents do not compare) and if the trauma does not end (chronic illness).

  8. Wow, she looks like she’s about to drop dead. Maybe she should learn to ride a bike.

  9. So called “Dr” Watanabe, author of this garbage, steaming pile of shit paper also is a proponent of pregnant women getting the vaxx kill shot. He and his team should commit ritual seppaku for bringing dishonor to their family and their nation.

  10. Im starting to believe that our psyche is manipulated and traumatized by our society and education system at a very early stage to help remove or suppress cognitive thinking capabilities (BadThink).

  11. This was already posted. I think it's more of a mental health thing- imagine being a mum, losing your baby, and finding out it's because you were coerced to take the vax. And I have no doubt the Mum's have already thought of it . But it is also "nothing to see here" attitude.

  12. Hahahhhah. No it’s the fucking corporations taking in record profits off the backs of minimum wage workers while shoving materialistic crap down our throats.

  13. it seems like about 1/2 of the people here are still under the impression that numbers and stories that govt, media, pharma and academic researchers put forth have some positive correlation with the truth. if so, then you have the hardest task of all: finding out which parts are true and which parts are fabrications (intentional or not).

  14. why do you believe that vaxx is effective even for 3 or 4 months? I saw the data and saw no signals that indicated this at all. Please note that deaths and illnesses that occurred within 2 weeks of vaxxinations were attributed to UNVAXXED sample. I hope you realize what this means. If you drop dead within a day of receiving the vaxx, you were counted as a death for UNvaxxed.

  15. She gave him permission to piss on the court. I have no idea why he’s such a antivaxxing prude!

  16. Many are ruled by fear. Find what she fears the most and show examples. Really hard to change a person’s beliefs except thru fear. High caution!!! People ruled by fear are also very susceptible to nocebo. You may end up causing for example cancer or miscarriage or heart attack etc. I would take _extreme_ care. In fact I would disassociate for a while as many are suggesting.

  17. Hate for Chinese as people or hate for CCP, their policies, their education system, and their greedy cronies?

  18. 1,700 million will die in 100 years. 17 million die every year. Nearly 50k die every day. Covid is fake. Vaccine is fake.

  19. You’re gonna talk yourself into an illness. Let the past lie where it lay. Celebrate today’s sunshine. Dream a joy filled future with your children and grandchildren.

  20. much of the harm done by vaccines are due to what they call adjuvents. the most well known harmful of these adjuvants are Mercury and aluminum but there are many many others.

  21. across vaxxed countries a remarkably stable 800 to 1000 excess deaths per million over the last year. For US this means 300,000 excess deaths for the last year. this isn’t accounting for disabilities which one would expect to be two or three times the number. because of work and military mandates, casualties are coming from mostly working age people. secondary signals point to lowered birth rate of 35% last year with massive amounts of miscarriages.

  22. I wonder what the vaxx uptake rate is for CDC and FDA… For Japan’s CDC, vaxx uptake rate is around 10% while they pushed it for Japanese general population to 90%+.

  23. No mammal that has ever received mRNA treatment has survived longer than 5 years.

  24. Mice live about a year or so. All human trials were done on people with fatal disorders. I am as antivaxx as they come but fear is the tool of slavers.

  25. Most of the vaccine promotion came from America though so they're a very large part of it...90% of vaccine propaganda came from the US...

  26. It’s one way to destroy a super power. Decimate civilian and military population of itself and all of its allies while sparing its ostensible foes.

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