AITA for telling my fiance that he needs to pick a new best man?

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  1. The sentence “Grooms family is paying yikes!”, makes me think that the whoever wrote this, wants everyone to know that the groom’s family are apparently a bunch of cheapskates. The petty vibes are just pouring off the entire post.

  2. The kind Sir Mix-A-Lot likes, according to his song.

  3. So basically she is saying that he shouldn’t be around you because you are understanding and calm and speak to him on a level he understands while also being respectful and empathetic?

  4. Normally, I’d have said you were. But that would have been if you were the one who wanted the more expensive wedding that is outside your own budget. But you aren’t. You want to keep it within your budget despite it being a destination wedding. Your parents, though, want to force you to have a wedding that they approve of, which is over 3x the cost of what you want. So that being the case, yeah, if they’re insisting on an expensive church wedding for you, then they can foot the bill for it. Otherwise, they need to back off and let you plan your own wedding the way you and your fiancé want it. NTA.

  5. Do you want to know what sisters emergency was? Her boyfriend had the flu. Absolutely ridiculous lol.

  6. Yeah, unless he had to be hospitalized for that flu, the sister could waited until she figured something else out, given that OP kept trying to tell her that it wasn’t a good time.

  7. NTA, but I wonder if there is more going on than you are aware. Did someone she know get burned in a kitchen while cooking and she is watching to assure herself that you’re okay? Is it that she is fascinated with cooking at the moment, but is afraid she will hurt herself? Does she feel like she isn’t spending enough time with you?

  8. Bride is being shady here. Invites a guy to her hen party. I would bet that one of the bride's friend/family member likes the BF and is trying to set him up!!

  9. I was about to say that as well. It reminds me of other stories where someone was invited to be part of the wedding party and was essentially being “set up” with a member of the opposite part of the wedding party. In one case, the guy being set up was actually married and the bride was still trying to set him up with her BFF. In another, it was a woman and her SO wasn’t even invited initially and I think she ended up dropping out or her SO did end up invited, yet in the back of the room. One guy was told he wouldn’t be allowed to dance with his SO and could only dance with the bridesmaid he was paired with.

  10. Damn! I want to read every single one of those!

  11. I think most are floating around in AITA, if that helps. But with the number of posts there, and that these go back at least 2-3 months, it may take a long time to find them….

  12. Heck, if she was quick enough she could call the officiant and tell him not to file the paperwork.

  13. Even better! I still need the story though.

  14. Somewhere there is a former bride with an extended groomzilla story about her now ex-husband, and this is only a small part of it right before the tail end of the story (i.e. the divorce and aftermath).

  15. And how much are we betting that anyone else who tries to advertise their “business”, gets in trouble for it?

  16. I’m torn on this. I admit that it is important to dress appropriately for weddings, and if they were to say it is black tie, longer dresses would be appropriate. But to say that the dresses have to be long and have sleeves? And I’m curious to know what the definition of “dramatic” makeup is for this wedding, since what one person views as dramatic makeup, another may not.

  17. Go somewhere nice on their wedding day/weekend. Like a nice vacation or something. And then take lots of photos and post online about how much fun you and your spouse are having. 😂

  18. As an electronics engineer, I'd guess that they are there to modify the rate of release.

  19. More like, just to make them easier to swallow.

  20. NTA. That’s the take my parents had on it for my siblings and I.

  21. A terrible writer claiming she’s writing a memoir. 😂🤣😂🤣

  22. Okay, you can stop acting stupid now and stop trolling now. There is absolutely no way that you don’t know what it means to be called a troll on the internet, can honestly think someone misspelling troll as “trill” was referring to Star Trek, not know that “Life finds a way” was said by Jeff Goldblum’s character Dr. Ian Malcom in the movie Jurassic Park, and think that anyone would believe that you would have a single “friend” offering to “boycott” this wedding for you, given the way you’ve been acting and stealing money they specifically gave for this specific bride. And your claims of writing a memoir for your PHd? No. You’re an internet troll and you need to get a life.

  23. When you use a quote you’re supposed to cite your source. I would think that somebody writing her memoir would know this.

  24. OP is also trying to lay claim to “Life finds a way” quote from Jurassic Park, in a whole saga that was an elaborate troll created by OP.

  25. Maybe the husband knows “the stranger” pretty well and on a meet up mentioned oh my wife will clean for you.

  26. If that’s the case (which sadly, it could be), the husband owes OP an apology and definitely is an AH himself. No one should be volunteering someone else’s time and labor without getting express permission first. And definitely not for free, even if that other person has been offering free services or help to others.

  27. Aside from the pathetic “snowflake” jab at anyone born in 2000 or later, that the creator of this is trying to take, I find it hilarious that they apparently can’t be bothered to actually research what the current generation is called and when it started. Gen Z did not end in 2020. It ended with 2008, while 2009 started Gen Alpha, which will continue through the end of this year before Gen Beta kicks off next year (2024).

  28. OMG! He’s an idiot if he thinks that anyone will allow him to live with them and play his band’s loud music for a pissy $150 a month.

  29. I actually don’t mind as I am not playing against other players but just enjoying myself. It doesn’t really bother me if other player have other options/timers etc.

  30. To me it isn’t about whether we are playing against other players, but that some of the things they’re “testing” are just stupid.

  31. Sorry, but I disagree on the phrase “Something is missing” being rude. If someone says “This needs some salt and/or pepper” and then adds salt or pepper to a dish, it is because they feel it doesn’t have enough. And it isn’t considered rude. At least not to most people. So it shouldn’t be considered rude here either.

  32. It doesn’t matter what you made. YTA. Even if you find the addition of hot sauce stupid or gross, he’s allowed to add it to his food. Did it even occur to you that there may be issues with his taste buds that he needs stronger tasting food? Or maybe he just really loves spicy food or hot sauce.

  33. Yeah, don’t need to say much more than this. The transphobia is strong with this one.

  34. Sure. I was initially thinking just a head in general, as I couldn’t think of the name of a character that wouldn’t piss people off. So I can go with her head.

  35. Mine have never reset. Though honestly, it would be nice if they did so. Not every day per say, but maybe at least every month?

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