1. I’ll have to check on upcoming carts. Trulieve allows usually transfer between stores. Do you need help finding a store with that still has Strawberry?

  2. Which Trulieve do you shop at? It looks like multiple locations currently have Dutch carts.

  3. Well he is technically speaking. Computer science is a science. But he’s funding scientific research which is why this particular strawman exists.

  4. This is the reason. I don't consider it a strawman though because he frequently speaks and acts as an authority of certain matters of science as they relate to their projects.

  5. For me it has always been Triangle Kush, nothing else even comes close...for me.

  6. TK is def all that...I also use White Cherry Gelato for an incredible 10 minutes of euphoria then I wake up 5 hours later.

  7. I consider it subjective, but I find it classless to make fun of a man's wife especially when they've been together for so long. She has supported him and grown older with him and if he is happy then I am just going to be happy for them.

  8. There was that one time Army Rangers and Crips got into a gunfight 💪💪💪

  9. I don't think it's an eye for an eye type thing. No reason to challenge another book in retaliation.

  10. You are 100% correct. Everything that is happening to New College etc. is a reaction to the national debate about neo-Marxian programs pushing too far. It's a sad and inappropriate reaction but it was as obvious an outcome as gravity. As soon as Randi Weingarten got up on tv and made her statements the ultra-conservative machine went into action and presto...

  11. Thanks, little by little!🤟🏻🔥

  12. That’s the starry whip from POTV for the S&B’s Mighty. I customized the length. I use that thing and pieces of it as adapters for so many different setups. I will use the wpa or xl stem into the TM. From that, if I want, I’ll whip or go straight into the cooling J-hook on the left. Both cooling stems are great when u need it, especiallly if I want to sandwich some concentrates and rip it. Love leaving stock CU’s behind, cleaning them was a drag. These just iso wash back to new. Maintenance is nil.

  13. Convenient how they cut off the x axis so you can’t see what the scale is

  14. Indeed it is. So it’s a graph that shows average annual temperature rising consistently since 1979. What’s the point here? That we have a cold January in 2023? So what?

  15. Sure. You can say a lot, but how do you plan to finance the gas turbines, and pipeline capacity for the baseload backup, if you plan to discontinue coal. Batteries are a joke; a few MW won’t last more than a few seconds.

  16. H2 blending into the turbines. I'm seeing a lot of projects in this area under evaluation.

  17. A pity generators don’t sell power based on capacity-weighted average cost. They sell power on what the next MW of power will cost them. Renewable consume no fuel and require little maintenance. They can therefore underbid fossil and nuclear power plants. Also the average cost for a category of fuel isn’t what matters. What matters is the profit each individual power plant can make. And many coal power plants are losing money and will be shutdown.

  18. That will eventually be stopped otherwise the utilities and their pension fund investor will go bankrupt. Government bailout is going to be expensive...renewables won't come cheap in the end.

  19. Smh that reminds me that I missed out on mine when I just renewed in December damn it. See it in 11 months lol.

  20. When you renewed your card they give you money off a purchase at certain Dispensaries

  21. They have estranged so many and created so much distrust -- it is generational now.

  22. Y’all don’t need to worry. If you watch the video through she clarified it is the well educated white population that refuses vaccines most often.

  23. Thanks for clarifying. They are sounding more like the Khmer Rouge every day.

  24. That's cute. I'll bet you voted for the guy who committed all kinds of crimes without being punished for any of them.

  25. I'm not him, but I've explicitly had a (latina) hiring manager say "you honestly seem like a great fit but we just don't need any more white guys," after a second round interview when I asked for feedback.

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