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  1. Also in the same sale another game:

  2. Fine if you don't like Epic, but don't need to express it by posting negative comments on our posts every week.

  3. Hm seems I missed some then, I still need 4 of the collection

  4. This is not live at the moment. Also if drops are 'totally random', that might not fit the subreddit.

  5. This is part of a much larger sale. The quality of them is a bit hit or miss, but you can claim them from here:

  6. No idea really, was mainly based on screenshots and stuff. The first two seem to be highly rated

  7. We all knew that it will be free on all these platforms when the first one emerged though.

  8. Can't really post based on assuming it will be free in the future. And the platforms were in a different order this time with Playstation first instead of last.

  9. Please don't try to trick the bot, just ask us to approve it like is said in the comment. Also please don't use a regional link, that is not going to work for majority of users. You can use the search link:

  10. Sorry, I thought to bypass as I felt that it would be bothering/add more workload to mods but I understand your concern, next time I'll use the report function. Thanks for the link

  11. It's fine, better to have a normal title

  12. Didnt saw that. That post labeled expired, so this post may can be useful for someone till sep 30th.

  13. We don't usually repost, we'd rather adjust the already existing post (if it is fairly recent) so I added a sticky comment there, thanks.

  14. Since it's not possible at the moment to add through the Steam store, add it through SteamDB by pressing install here:

  15. Sorry the bot crashed because I messed something up. So it didn't flair and comment. Yes it is delisted game.

  16. So yeah this game was actually -1 for me. I checked my Steam game count, then claimed it, and my game count actually decreased by one. Never had this happen to me, kind of frustrating.

  17. This is a free to play game with the 'steam is learning about this game' tag, it doesn't add or decrease game count. Decrease only happens if a game that gave +1 is removed from your account (which this isn't), either on your own request or by Steam.

  18. Supposed to go paid according to announcement here -

  19. Free for one week, until September 30.

  20. part of a game. Not really sure on sub rules for this

  21. It's fine. There's only one rule in this thread basically, something has to be temporary free. For highlights on the main sub page I would say game only.

  22. Should redirect after a bit, otherwise maybe try different browser

  23. By claiming this DLC you also seem to claim the

  24. Why can't i see this post on the main page of the sub-reddit?

  25. Not sure, we have some problems with reddit autoremoving gleam posts/links. Anyway, I have reapproved it, should be visible again.

  26. DLC, you can tell by our title with '[Steam] (DLC)'. The bot just links to both the DLC and the game it belongs to.

  27. Complete tasks on website, verify and get your Steam key. Activate on Steam (after adding base game).

  28. This is not for Steam, a correct title would be: [Epic] (Alpha) Superior

  29. Sorry if 3 posts about the same thing on different platforms is a bit much, but I saw no other option at the moment.

  30. When nvidia was offering free code. I played this game to rank 10 just for the freebie. then stopped and now I just redeem codes.

  31. Be sure to log in from time to time to actually claim the rewards in-game, they expire after 30 days if not claimed.

  32. Can someple please copy paste just the codes?

  33. Please repost with that, thanks

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