I work in greggs. What would you like to know?

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  1. I've just been down to take pics and video of the area and the crossing.. the side the ambulance came from has a completely blind corner 30ish metres from the crossing. If the ambulance was going, say, 40mph they would have been at the crossing in about 1.5 seconds after becoming visible, so it's absolutely believeable that you could look, find the way clear, and then be hit before you reached the other side at a brisk walk.

  2. Without this sounding the wrong way, do you think this would have been a suitable place to cross?

  3. I moved to Ohio from California when I retired. My sister is there and I grew up there, I had a child on each coast.

  4. Sounds like you lost a bit financially, but gained a whole lot more!

  5. Ahh it's not new by any means, I've had it for work for years but changing profession so finding uses for them. I have a few verniers but no rulers! Looks like a quick trip to the shops.

  6. If it's centre to centre of pins, I could zero the verniers whilst measuring a pin, then measuring outside to outside of pins.

  7. Garlic. Because I grow way too much every year. And chillis. And onions.

  8. Be sure to make some wicked sweet chili sauce out of that!

  9. May not be related, but make sure the game is utilising your GPU not the intel/amd graphics on your CPU.

  10. You mean the one in the Gaming settings in Windows settings? I already did that (wrote in the post that I made windows run this game for max performance on dedicated graphic card).

  11. I've always thought a mash potato van would be amazing. Use Yorkshire puddings wrapped in paper as the cone and a sausage instead of a flake.

  12. I imagine they use the mr.whippy machine to soft serve this mash potato also?

  13. Im not buying it, how much are Greggs Paying you?!

  14. Probably close to national minimum wages, and national minimum hush money too.

  15. The dream ride, no awkward conversation, just get in, drive, get out

  16. You should still be able to text it asking if it's been busy, or what time it's on till?

  17. The first rule of robot club is you do not talk about robot club.

  18. The third rule is don't cover your robot in carpet/fabrics/AstroTurf, yet there we are.

  19. That’s strange because we have had ten days of solid bucketing rain here and no one’s wearing hijabs. I don’t think this man has actually studied meteorology.

  20. It is the ultimate car... It has steering controls for the fan.

  21. I’m surprised they saw anything then . . .

  22. Its in stock on the UK site, might be worth enquiring + shipping, as they ship worldwide iirc.

  23. A "better" component is purely subjective. There's people with money no object performance, and some a little more modest, and a sliding scale in-between.

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