1. If they didn’t want the two to connect should of had a better barrier than sand. I’d of tried to make a waterfall too.

  2. Honestly.. I think my KWh were like 127(?) ish with my 480 watt light and exhaust fan or that was the average over the whole grow accounting for the light being dimmed and maxed or near maxed ect. I can’t remember the exact number but it wasn’t horribly expensive

  3. Clonex 100% I had a 100% success/root rate my first time taking cuttings with 36 cuttings. I won’t get another brand when I had that much success.

  4. Man I’d love to get a clipping of these from somewhere those bud structures and everything are absolutely amazing! Like wowww!

  5. Check out blue nerds or pancakes s1 from terp trees, same style calyx structure and the cross of either would be insane

  6. For sure I’ll look into it I’m always looking for some new breeders I haven’t heard of to look at/run.

  7. Either just don’t do it or you could report it as fraud on your card. Or eat the loss if they won’t help.

  8. Just asking- how would this effect college (seriously asking- applications only nees transcripts? how would they know/impact?) or him trying to join the military?

  9. If I’m not mistaken most colleges if not all also run background checks that’s why it can take a few weeks to months to hear back sometimes depending on time of application. Military generally won’t accept an aggressive crime convicted applicant, like at all, SA, battery, assault, ext. Will disqualify you from joining.

  10. Another question, do you return small carts and big carts where they belong? So many people put smalls in with the bugs and bigs in with the smalls. They’re literally right next to each-other, an extension of the arm can make you a decent human being but some of you choose chaos.

  11. Sounds like those scenarios weren't JUST caused by the weed, but the surroundings.

  12. I mean.. if you dose someone it can be the chillest place ever that they’re the most comfortable and psychosis can still occur. So it could easily be just the weed too. Source: I’ve dealt with it. Don’t dose your friends guys even if they have a tolerance it can go south.

  13. Most shoppers would never have accepted that batch in the 1st place.

  14. Not all markets are great. Most of the time I’m doing doubles for around 25-30. If I see a batch above 40$ it’s a rarity.

  15. Says you asking for Advice with a sad looking plant lol grow something before talking shit

  16. When you say you’ve been growing since the 90s but you pulled it this early you can’t say you’ve learned anything. You’re right it’s your bud but why not just let it thicken up and enjoy it and not have some wispy buds. These buds look like the first plant I THOUGHT was done from my first grow, after I chopped it was indeed not done and I found that out compared to my other plants from that grow.

  17. Customer usually has you call a number or something, then from there they will soon call you claiming to be support since they have your number now, well if they can get you to give them that “support verification code” which is actually a login code they can get into your account real easy. Sometimes they’re getting smarter and refusing delivery or something then they can call and claim to be support asking about the recent “failed delivery” because support would know about that right? So it luls people into a false sense of this actually being support when it isn’t. So again, you give them said code, they have your number now, they use that code to login on your account change the settings and bam 💥 you’re locked out they can use your account to add items to orders and huge quantity changes on orders, if the tips percentile they then get more of a tip if they customer doesn’t immediately remove it within two hours, plus all of the junk they added to the order to take it home. Scammers don’t care what happens because it directly connected to you.

  18. Oh wow. Does instacart care if you were scammed or do they just up and ban you ?

  19. They usually ban you, then you have to fight to get the account back but most of the time I don’t see it being successful according to what I’ve seen on here.

  20. I did the hanger hack. One of the hangers ended up snapping, I caught it nearly trying to go through the actual fabric. I have since removed the hangers.

  21. That’s another thing I was curious about, to deal with negative pressure I just put two air inlet ducts on the bottom holes that all of my tents have had for that purpose, they’re a foot or two long to keep from light leaking in sticking out and some pantyhose keep them from acting like a vacuum for dirt and pet hair. They’re annoying to step over or trip on sometimes but better than super negative pressure.

  22. At the end of the day, as I understand it, Negative pressure is mainly about odour control. If you cant smell, dont stress, back the neg pressure off abit.

  23. My tents just tend to always have their exhausts on, so they’re basically always in some kind of negative pressure but you’re right if you can keep your area cool and don’t need the negative pressure I absolutely agree, just don’t worry about it. I can keep the room 60 degrees and they’re still running at like 75 and drop them go right back up during flower 😂

  24. That's not how rabies in people work? You are still entirely human - you are just in unimaginable suffering.

  25. You’re not a person like you were, he is in constant fight or flight confused at every single thing around him, he couldn’t tell you what’s wrong he couldn’t tell you the fear he’s having. He probably couldn’t even tell you the sound of his wife’s voice or even his own. Are you still a human? Yeah. But you’re no more aware than when an animal hits this phase. Completely lost and it’s extremely sad.

  26. He's literally aware of the entire situation around him. It's obvious. He looks at the camera and to those around him numerous times. He's clearly all there and probably in unimaginable suffering.

  27. I wasn’t agreeing and saying he’s not human, but just saying how it effects humans and animals alike and that it’s a sad way to go. If I contracted rabies I’d be wishing for humane euthanasia, not to be treated like an exhibit in a hospital being filmed where there’s a bunch of bright lights confusing me even more.

  28. I like my SE1000Watt Spider Farmer light, but if you don’t have a 240 circuit their SE7000 (780watts) is also a great light for a 5x5.

  29. Bro what happened to all the dealers who just wanted to get ppl high :,( all we have is scammers now

  30. Care about your customers and they’ll keep coming back I know because it uh what a guy told me once that focuses on gro… getting his customers top quality. 👌

  31. Oh yeah she does all the work, she just tells me what small things I’m allowed to do so I don’t mess up her grows.

  32. I dashed some subway to the taco bell like two minutes away once. Dude was super cool and gave my girlfriend and I free freezes.

  33. They almost always correlate, they’re required to process each other basically same with iron, which is why a lot of cal/mag products also have iron. It’s a pretty cool and weird relation. According to what I’ve read anyways.

  34. I did it for the first time on my current grow and honestly I’m noticing much better buds coming out of it. For day 35ish they’re much chunkier and have more trichomes than my previous grows that I didn’t do it. It looks like less but when these buds are done they’ll probably all be thick and dense rather than medium and meh resulting in the same weight if not more.

  35. I’d agree with mouse, get some of the bug sticky paper and lay a circle of traps around the base of it. You’ll catch whatever it is that way probably.

  36. Exactly, this person is over hyping and fear mongering.

  37. Fear mongering? Not in the slightest. Sorry I’ll reclassify it under a premium with two people on it for the 20k in deductibles. But only one person needs to get a broken limb to be 20k in debt, minimum after deductibles and the percentage you’re stuck with in the US.

  38. No. Many employers offer good insurance policies and we have out of pocket maximums.

  39. 80/20 isn’t good, 90/10 isn’t good, the policy for a single person is usually like 150-200 a month through a company $20,000 deductible that they won’t pay anything on until you hit, wooo! Don’t even try and act like the health care system here is good. You have one broken limb on the first of the year you all of a sudden have 20k medical debt minimum, plus 10-20% of the cost after that.

  40. The crescendo cross has that bag appeal for sure and is stacking nicely. Great job.

  41. Out of curiosity you ever run the Cherry Berry cross? I think that’s what they called it, I’m so curious about it but haven’t found anyone who grew it.

  42. Yeah this stuff smells super strong and floral. Really sweet smelling. Can't wait to chop. Did you have any issues with this strain foxtailing? My room is pretty dialed and I don't see any signs of stress, definitely no light leaks but significant foxtailing starting.

  43. I know sometimes the mandarin cookies can foxtail so maybe it’s a genetic of that? My three cotton Candy cookies aren’t currently foxtailing just super round and chunky around day 34-35ish so about four weeks in. I can shoot you a PM of my buds currently on the cotton Candy cookies, it could be the light intensity that you have going on. I’ve got them under my Spider Farmer SE1000Watt at like 65-70% so around 650-700 watts but it’s a solid two foot away probably.

  44. They look like hypoaspis miles, Miles Mites. They’re a beneficial mite and honestly not bad to have around. I had some show up in my grow recently had the same question. I have a picture posted of a good close up shot if they look like that they’re Miles Mites I can’t quite tell with your shots. They’ll either go away or keep meandering around.

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