1. Last 3 smalls I got were .5 over, more like 3.33 instead of 2.83. Maybe I got your in my bags 😭 I’m sorry. How much did you pay? I noticed the smalls went from $25 to $30 at the Columbia care in Monroe 😒

  2. Was $36 on a sale day. It's normally $46 but they do 20% off a lot at Sunnyside. It's the only days I go because honestly it's the only days I think the prices actually reflect the product and I can save. I refuse to pay almost 50 dang dollars for an 8th. Ridiculous.

  3. They are probably ignoring you. All the bs claims that these companies get from people, its hard to decide when 1 is valid. In your case, there is no way anyone can prove 100% that the weight was off. If you had a video of you breaking the seal, opening it, and weighing it all in 1 video without pauses, that would prove you were correct.

  4. I included pictures of my receipt, packaging, and product on scale in my initial email. No way I'm making this up. I agree, people might do that but this was not my case.

  5. I sell coke, heroin and my body just to pay for my medical Marijuana.... This is a joke; please don't crucify me... But seriously, the prices make you feel like you have to sell your soul just to get medication; it's crazy. I spend what I can when I can, and I try not to count because I know it's just going to piss me off. By the time it's all said and done, over the years, I could probably put an entire family through an Ivy League College, smfh. The prices are criminal.

  6. Unless its medical. You can buy MI medical if you have an OH med card.

  7. Just stay off the turnpike, and you're golden. They go hard on the turnpike, but if you're close enough to go to MI, you probably don't need to use it. Be safe out there!

  8. You are very welcome! Definitely some good stuff! To refine it even more, use a fine screen in the top and there won’t be any fines in the reclaim at all. It’s a beautiful ruby/amber color when you do this. I love a good hack! This amber goodness will give any edible in our program a run for it’s money for sure.

  9. Oh my gosh, thank you! I was wondering if I could use a fine screen instead of the bigger rough ones that come w it. So helpful. Thank you again! And it is truly a beautiful thing to be able to get the most use out of the flower I purchase.

  10. The Mighty is the way to go! You will own it carefree for years to come. If something goes wrong early on, their customer service is awesome! My crafty died after 120 hours of use and they replaced it for free. I have been using Storz and Bickel (Mighty&Crafty)for over 4 years now and wouldn’t think of purchasing anything else when the time comes. The Crafty is much more portable, but the Mighty is so much more controllable and has a longer battery life. 2 batteries versus 1. The added bonus of the Crafy/Mighty is that when you clean the cooling chamber, the amber goop that comes out is VERY high in decarbed THC and can be eaten. Beware though, it is very potent! I hope this helps with your decision.

  11. The advice you gave me about the "amber goop" was by far the best advice I've gotten on reddit. You were not lying, and now my friend, I'm flying! Thanks so much for this. I would have absolutely screwed this up being a first-timer w the Mighty and just cleaned it, thinking it was bunk/garbage. I like to think I would've figured it out after the first time I cleaned it like, hmm, this looks too good to throw away, I wonder....? So thanks! So so much! This saves money also! Just make my own, haha!

  12. I literally thought you took stuff from your yard and took a pic. Like a joke post. These smalls look like the green tops of strawberrys

  13. They really do! Glad it wasn't on the first, nobody would've believed me 😂

  14. I haven't either. Certified was very apologetic and gave me a full refund on cashapp without having to return the flower. There's hope for the program yet!

  15. I was debating this. Think I'm going to jump on it. Thanks for the Post

  16. I agree! I've been on the fence, but I think I'm gonna have to go for it and give it a try. I hate having to grind my stuff up anyway 😆

  17. They won't even give you a copy of your receipt so u can start the refund process? That is not cool.They absolutely should be able to do that for you. They keep record of everything. I would try again for sure.

  18. Caps are the way to go.. started about a month ago with dosage caps. NO LOOKING BACK. Game changer and less waste. However sold out every where you look..

  19. Planet of the Vapes has em... Currently, I think, around $14 for a 40 pack. I do notice they are often out of stock with the dosing caps that come with concentrate pads included, as well as the pads sold by themselves, so they can be a little harder to come by. The normal dosing caps are in stock right now if that helps anyone. It's the best way to keep your mighty+ or any mighty device top-notch. I bought one around a month ago, and I've never used it without a cap. It still looks brand new, and I use my mighty multiple times a day. I think over time is gonna get a little off color around the top, but it sounds like that's normal wear and tear that can't really be avoided. Still, super clean if ya use that dosing cap!

  20. They sell out quick. Storz and Bickle Apparently recommend one time use with And thank you for the info I just ordered (5) pacs of (40) from planet of the vape.. I reuse mine multiple times.. Also I make a small bed of flower and place concentrate and/or keif on top. Kind of like a moon rock/meteor lol..

  21. Lemme me try it, I’ll let you know if it’s good shit.

  22. Made a world of difference for me. So smooth. Try warm/hot water in the bong sometime. Surprisingly good too. 👍💨

  23. I used to load mine w tons of ice and then just enough water... Man, those were the best hits.

  24. I called ahead and asked about the price. It's legit. I'm on my way now, 😆 🤣

  25. Thats almost worth the drive wish I would have caught this post sooner.

  26. I'm sorry, if I had seen it any sooner I'd have posted. Hopefully, with how much people seem to enjoy this strain, they put it right back on the menu! In a perfect world, right?

  27. Sunnyside does 20% off the most expensive item on Sundays so I got it for a little under $200. Might have to go to Michigan to load up on concentrates though.

  28. Wish my sunnyside was open on Sundays 😔 😥 . I'll have to look into when they have sales for hardware, I'm sure they have a day just different. Awesome you're disp is open on Sunday though!

  29. Yes, except for the body buzz... well,for me,it wasn't too heavy.Really nice flower.

  30. I agree; it was lacking in effects for me as well but still a very good strain. It's just coated in crystals and terps.

  31. hell yeah i didn’t even wanna move i mixed it with animal mintz

  32. You know, I'm not sure. I never have enough to spend all my days, so I honestly don't pay attention. I'm going to guess it's 1 day no more than 2. Sorry, I don't know the answer to that one man.

  33. Orange peels work wonders to revive it. As a side note, Chizle flower is also unbearably dry. Crumbles into oblivion

  34. Boy, that brings back memories of high school, used to use orange peels to try and enhance flavor. Thanks for the heads up on Chizle, good looking out!

  35. I believe they are closed on Sundays, the one I go to is at least. You should definitely call first jic.

  36. Literally was gonna say same thing haha said it in my head and all sang it like a tyga song “terp city, terp, terp city bitch” 😆😂

  37. Best! Hits! Ever! Have you coughing for 10 min, sweating and just so unbelievably blazed... man I miss those days 😆 🤣 😂

  38. Curious to know what ya think, if you liked it, or if it wasn't your favorite. Lmk if ya get a chance. Thanks!

  39. Absolutely! My pleasure to help, have a great day as well!

  40. It would be nice and way more helpful if all dispensaries were required to list the "specs" for each item. We can't look at anything before we purchase it which sucks because we all want to know what we're getting before we buy something right? At the very least, knowing what's it in before we waste a butt load of money on something would be nice. Instead I've had many times where I've gotten home and read the label and was then so disappointed because it's not what i wanted or needed or thought i was getting. I go to sunnyside. The only thing they show on their menu is thc and thca, maybe cbd content. No terp, genetic makeup, delta 8, etc info. I want to know everything before I purchase... not just if it's indica or sativa and a thc percentage. It's taken me almost a year to figure out what does and doesn't work for me. That's a lot of time and money. This program NEEDS transparency more than anything. That and better regulations so they can't pass things off for anything else unless it truly is what they are advertising. For now I Google and look stuff up on here before I purchase. Good old Ohio 😆

  41. Do they call them moon rocks? I haven’t had the best experiences at Chillicothe Sunnyside (surprisingly, because my first ever visit was great & I’ve heard nothing but good things) and so I hate asking questions at the front desk, it’s always too hectic.

  42. Don't hesitate to ask at the front desk. I would've completely missed out on these had I not asked just out of curiosity. It's medication and it's their job to educate us if we need help so I don't feel bad. I feel lucky I asked 🤣 😂

  43. Yes, listed as Diesel Slap Moon Rocks and Blue Diesel Moon Rocks. I had no idea they even had them until I specifically asked at the checkout, I wanted to know if I could request a specific item and they happened to have it! Lucky duck! They told me nobody knew they had them because they list them under concentrates. I got very lucky. I would've missed out had i not asked. They haven't been on the menu since I went and I check regularly so I'm guessing it's popular.

  44. Careful there, you're about to be canceled talking like that 😆 🤣

  45. He will be deemed a “White African American”.

  46. Has there ever been any non smalls of this? The batch I got was kinda meh at best.

  47. I have purchase 1/10ths of it multiple times and have always got large 2 or 3 buds and they are higher % around 23-25%.

  48. This was my first time tying it and it wasn't complete garbage.... just not what I expected from the hype and definitely didn't look anything like the pictures posted here. I'm hoping I just got a rough batch and maybe I'll give it another go sometime.

  49. I got an eighth about a month ago. Jar just says cannabis flower, not smalls and looks nothing like these pictures. I got these super skinny looking buds that were on the dry side and very little effects. I was so disappointed because I hear people rave about this strain constantly so i was really excited to try it. I still have most of it left haha. Who knows though, maybe I just got a bad batch. You'd think what they advertise as flower would be just as good as the smalls though right? Who knows. This program is hit and miss in my personal experience. I'm glad some people are able to enjoy the strain even if it wasn't for me this time.

  50. Buy 10 items and get 15% off? Is that real life? TEN items? For 10 items I should get 30% discount. Am I reading that wrong??

  51. I've seen sales that the more you buy the higher percentage you get off the entire price. For instance buy 3 get 10% off... buy 5 get 15%... buy 10 get 30% off etc... but never buy 10 just to get 15%. Most places have normal weekly deals better than this.

  52. I'm sorry to hear this, it's a huge bummer. I had a disposable die on me once. Took it back to sunnyside and they refunded me in full. Worth a try at least.

  53. Thanks & good idea! Not sure how much good it'll do but I can try that we are medical marijuana only in Ohio. But definitely worth a shot.

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