1. Brain drain has left rural America very vulnerable to those that prey on the credulous.

  2. Tofu scrambles are so easy (and now cheaper). Sauté any veggies you want in your scramble. Add a half block of tofu crumpled through your fingers. A hefty amount (~tsp) of ground turmeric for color and the characteristic sulfur flavor of eggs, black pepper to increase curcumin bioavailability, and salt to taste. Mix and press into the pan to boil off liquid and provide a little browning, then stir/turn.

  3. Thank God for precision weapons, that shit is so wasteful. Never liked the grad.

  4. Grads make sense for breakthrough operations against entrenched enemies, as while wasteful, the psychological shock is enough to ease the task of breakthrough maneuver units. But there hasn't been much of a use case for this since 1945.

  5. Such a fascinating compound, a non-essential dietary antioxidant for which we have an evolutionarily conserved transporter protein, which as an amphiphilic cation accumulates in mitochondria, where a lot of intracellular oxidative stress originates. It's like one of those experimental mitochondria directed antioxidants Russian scientists studied in the 90s & early 00s, but very bioavailiable and ubiquitous in mushrooms, mold fermented foods, and plants which grow in close association with soil fungi.

  6. my guess is that the animation software lets you plot locations of each unit on each day, and then animates their movements based on their day to day position. Those 2 units were probably just mixed up by the animator at one point. I could be wrong though.

  7. Unless this animator has informants within both the Ukrainian and Russian staffs, I seriously doubt there's much basis for most of the unit designations.

  8. Those that want to advertise this via throw pillows seems a pretty narrow market.

  9. Let them know. But honestly, you’re better off just buying the proper size and installing it yourself, if they’re this incompetent.

  10. Basic toilet seats are $7.50 at home warehouses. At that price, its just less trouble to do it oneself.

  11. The US intelligence community also gets things wrong on occasion.

  12. Good, well shot, the scripts aren't nearly as interesting as those for Dekalog, Blue is a nice early Binoche showcase, but really only Red is a keeper for the ages.

  13. So many people mention Schindler's List as an example of such a film, which makes me feel like a degenerate fuck because I watched it maybe 10 times.

  14. Schindler's is far from the most hopeless film out there, even on its subject matter.

  15. Perhaps the wisest approach is to prosecute every co-conspirator in Trump's theft and perhaps abuses of classified documents. And a guy who couldn't be bothered to read the PDB according to the CIAs own official history certainly had co-conspirators to select and perhaps disseminate classified information.

  16. Shot on 16mm. Even blu ray is a slightly overkill.

  17. I lived on a U.S. Air Force base in Japan in the ‘60s and the base leaders told us to wash our produce thoroughly because the locals used human waste as fertilizer.

  18. There's no real problem using human waste, but it has to be pasteurized with heat before application.

  19. I do recommend some Czechoslovak New Wave films for more perspective on the Holocaust. And the Fifth Horseman is Fear (which has a region free Second Run release) and Diamonds of the Night (ditto, but also a Criterion) are great picks. you can even go back before the New Wave to Distant Journey, the first film about the subject

  20. I remain surprised that Obchod na korze (The Shop on Main Street) (1965) is one of the films that still hasn't released on blu-ray by Criterion.

  21. Rather predictable, a variation of

  22. Neanderthals had larger cranial capacity than modern humans, though this was largely distributed to their occipital lobe. For Eurasians, our ancestors interbred with them, though their genomic contribution in modern populations is only 1.5-2%.

  23. The whole industry would be healthier thanks to the larger revenue streams, but we'd have more of an emphasis on cheap, perfectly fine edns (the kind we still buy from $6-12) than collector edns of more cult interest films.

  24. I'd think if a body that size collided with earth, everything would become liquid pretty quick.

  25. Mars sized body, 6 × 1023 kg, falling in from infinity to proto-Earth at roughly current escape velocity of ~11.2 km/s, has kinetic energy of 3.7 × 1031 J.

  26. Presumably much less bright due to the composition, right?

  27. Composition doesn't matter much to the overall emissions spectrum in black-body radiation. The color of tungsten at room temperature is immaterial to the spectrum of light emitted when its heated by electric resistance in incandescent lighting to 2700 K. Yes, some frequencies have narrow absorption bands, and that can be used to determine elemental composition.

  28. Among these, The Blob and if you have a steely stomach for ghost sex horror with a pounding soundtrack, The Entity.

  29. For most people, sex poses greater risk of cancer. The sexually transmitted human papillomavirus causes cancers of the cervix, vulva, vagina, penis, anus, and oropharynx.

  30. Many female athletes experience amenorrhea, due to their training regimens

  31. That cover is a bit less objectionable than the obverse.

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