Nebraska Dem with trans son vows to block all bills: "No one in the world holds a grudge like me"

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  1. It really is lovely not having smallpox or the plague or leprosy! My grandpa always said “I HAD all those things you all get vaccinated for.” Life is good. I’m also jazzed about air bags! I’m jazzed about a lot of things.

  2. Speaking of air bags and auto safety, before seat belt laws, apparently it was fairly common for kids to fall out of car windows and get run over. I’m not even talking about getting ejected in accidents — just a kid hanging out the window suddenly falls out when the driver makes a turn and gets squished by either the rear tires or the car behind them. And it still took until the 90s to convince parents that kids had to be buckled in car seats!

  3. Remember the non smoking sections? Restaurants put a little gate or some tables between the two sections. It did nothing.

  4. I was going to college in St. Louis in the early 2000s, and I remember my grandma taking me to a brand-new Applebee’s that still has smoking and non-smoking sections. It was memorable only because they had installed these tall barriers between the sections and had big air filter things over the smoking section, but of course, it still stank. St. Louis County didn’t ban indoor smoking until 2011, although I think by then a lot of restaurants has banned it anyway.

  5. Absolutely excellent. This is what politicians should get fired up over. The erosion of pleasantries and working together has been happening by the right for so long.

  6. I would like to think Congressional Democrats will learn the right lesson from this, but I have a bad feeling that, in the Senate especially, there are a lot of Dems tut-tutting about how “uncouth” and “unbecoming” this is. “It’s just politics, why would you refuse to talk to them in the hall?”

  7. My dad divorced his first wife in ‘75 and didn’t meet my mom until ‘78, so I assume those three years included a lot of scenes like this. He doesn’t like to talk about that time much, but I know there was a hairdresser named Susan and something about a jacuzzi tub… I should ask him if he brought a charcuterie board to the jacuzzi.

  8. Wait, does this mean I should be careful about ordering pineapple upside-down cake in public?

  9. Honestly, the gold chain and sweet curly chest hair on the guy in bed with her makes me think she’s not going to miss out on much. Plus he’s open in discussing issues of consent. That other guy is gaslighting her to get his way by withholding consent. Bullet dodged in my opinion.

  10. Not to mention the impact of the national helium shortage!

  11. The NTSB report is pretty sparse, but they didn't have much to go on:

  12. Kathryn's Report seems to go offline or stop updating every once in a while, although I don't know how long a stretch this might be. I don't know if there's literally just one Kathryn who writes and updates the various posts, or if a few people have access to update it. I noticed comments have also been turned off entirely, not sure what to make of that.

  13. This is at a “Classical Academy”, which is part of the charter school network that Hillsdale grifters are putting all over Florida

  14. Isn't the whole point of those places to promote the "superiority" of a "classical education on Western civilization?" Seems like Michaelangelo should be right up their alley.

  15. Billy Joels 'she's always a woman to me'. I HATE that song with a passion. Talk about lyricizing a dysfunctional relationship with a horrible miserable creature. nothing romantic or sentimental about that.

  16. As a kid, I took "And she can't be convicted / She's earned her degree" literally and thought women with college degrees were immune from criminal prosecution, for some reason.

  17. Nice setup! I love the aesthetic of the 12" RGB monitor on the LC form factor, but you may want to see if you can find a 13" monitor, only because the 512x384 resolution of the 12" won't support a lot of games and programs that require at least 640x480. (If you buy one, get one you can pick up locally, because plastics from the 90s rarely survive shipping unless they're in the original packaging.)

  18. Any city in Nebraska because there is nothing to do over there and all the stores are the most basic things you can find in other states.

  19. Rural Nebraskan Not Sure He Could Handle Frantic Pace Of Omaha

  20. FL's west coast is 100% the way to go. I loved vacationing in Fort Meyers last year

  21. A lot of the beaches in Southwest Florida are still closed, or were until recently. Hurricane Ian devastated the area last September, and it's going to take time to rebuild. Certainly, there are hotels, shops, and restaurants open on Sanibel and Fort Myers Beach, and they'd love to have tourists visiting again, but temper your expectations and expect to see a LOT of debris and abandoned buildings still.

  22. Reminds me of a two-bedroom cabin we stayed at one summer at Cedar Point. It was a lovely alternative to a hotel room. I’d love to have a little permanent weekend getaway like that.

  23. "In addition to the regular paste form, pure white lead, ready mixed and ready for work, can now be obtained at better paint dealers'. This new paint is a grand timesaver."

  24. I was watching this thinking that’s a shitload of debris and bits of glass getting chucked around, it’s like an organic shrapnel machine. Sure it might not be a massive tornado like you Midwesterners get, but out here it’ll fuck someone up real good because it’s not something we have experience with. Earthquakes and wildfires are terrifying, but something I’ve been living with since I was kid. This is new and scary.

  25. Even if the winds are "slow" compared to most tornadoes, if a 4x8 piece of rusted sheet metal smacks me in the face at 40 mph, I'm gonna have a bad time.

  26. Morrokide. Meaning no Naugas were killed for use in this car.

  27. 🎶 My couch is upholstered in real Naugahyde,

  28. I mean... it's lube, and it's a vasoconstrictor, and it's an anesthetic.. sounds like a good time

  29. I wish I had had this experience. I was out for a hens/bachlorette and we ended at the strippers (the female kind not Magic Mike kind) and a man wanted to buy my drink and although I said no thank you but he tapped his card when the bartender brought me the machine. He then tried to be all flirty and I said to him "sorry friend, but I'm a happily married woman, please let me pay you back for the drink or you can keep it" he then asks "you're married? What does that mean for us then?"

  30. "What? Married? All these... seconds... and you never told me!?"

  31. And on the other end of the line: "Is your face odd? Misshapen? Join the Air Force!"

  32. That's good, 'cause these guys sound like they're full of shit.

  33. It's time for him to share the one brain cell with the next orange kitty, and his foot is just trying to shake it out of his head.


  35. Chrysler is for those with a credit score lower than a New Jersey area code

  36. MST3K riffed a movie about that sort of thing once.

  37. I remember that episode where the replicators malfunctioned and stopped making McDLTs for him.

  38. I didn’t want to get married or have kids. She did. Funny thing is, my mom told me all proud and certain “you DO want to get married, and you’d be a great dad. Just not to her.” I rolled my eyes at that, because I didn’t want to get married to anyone. I dated for years, and knew marriage wasn’t right.

  39. Reminds me of something my mom told me after I got my girlfriend pregnant in high school: "I hope she's not the last woman you love."

  40. Outside the typical minor issues that arise due to differences in personality, cleaning etc it’s absolutely this.

  41. This is what I miss the most. My wife and I have been separated for about a year and a half. So many nights I wish I could just hold her, but she isn't here. And there's an extra element of loneliness knowing that she doesn't feel the same way. She's not seeing anyone, but it's just extra sad knowing that she doesn't need me. I try to be happy for her, but it's hard.

  42. +1 for separate blankets. My husband and I have been together more than 10 years and we figured out pretty much immediately that we are (read: I am) incapable of sharing a blanket. Last year we were traveling for his sister's wedding and had to share a blanket in the hotel bed; on the drive home, he tells me that the previous night, I managed to burrito myself up in all the blankets, snug as a bug in a rug, and growled at him in my sleep when he tried to unwrap just one of the three layers of sheet/blanket I had stolen for myself.

  43. OK, so I'm not the only one who has to wrap themselves up in a cocoon to feel secure enough to go to sleep. I thought maybe I was a freak of nature or something.

  44. Having a loose animal in the car. A safety instructor once told me doctors had to dig dog bones out of a person after it got between them and an airbag.

  45. I had an auto claim once where our customer was rear-ended. The guy behind him was driving his girlfriend's dog to the vet, holding the dog in his lap. He got distracted looking for the entrance to the clinic and didn't see that the car in front of him had stopped. He slammed on the brakes but hit that car, and the airbag deployed. As our customer described it, "I looked back, and the door opened, and the dog just kind of fell out and had a seizure on the ground." The driver ran the dog over to an emergency vet clinic that happened to be across the street, but they couldn't save him.

  46. The latest update from Simon Hradecky over at

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