Carl Icahn SEC filing on Nov 21st shows $400 million made available to "fund potential acquisitions"... Jesus, is this really happening? 🚀 (Link in comments)

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  1. if you drew the line actually aligning for the previous lows we could go lower

  2. I wanna see crypto on AAA PC and console games that are streamed internationally, not on gambly and casual mobile games. They are the reason gaming is deteriorating, with developers choosing to make easy money with dumb kids who play slot machines rather than producing top games.

  3. And you are on this sub why???? If you don't believe in BBBY, why would you come to the sub?

  4. Because many got fucked on this stupid investment and instead of selling at 70% loss we hang out on the only sub that accepts talking about this shit stock and hope for a pump to get out, while reading the most stupid, idiotic, cheap and poorly crafted copium I've seen in all reddit.

  5. If you buy cookies for $7 Billion and sell them for $6 Billion in a year, you'll make a loss of $1 Billion. Therefore, your business is not sustainable.

  6. My thoughts exactly, Cohen fucked us over & 50% can’t see it…

  7. Put 2k in this shit. Won't sell at this price either. If we're lucky there's gonna be a pump to exit but I need more than 100% from here to breakeven.

  8. I need 500% from a dead cat bounce, certainly can’t see that happening loads in GME as well, fucking shorted stocks are bollocks & people still carry on following them all hype to rape retail!!

  9. GME has more chance than this crap to produce some results. Only because of the cult that is DRSing shares no matter what the company does. Also, imo, if they manage to bring most of the shares in CS, it will be very hard for people to sell because of how shitty CS handles stuff. Also, all shares will be centralized into one entity that is not a broker. There will be delays, bottlenecks probably which will bring even more volatility. But concerning this shit stock here, we need a miracle which translates into a billionaire buying an enormous stake in the company otherwise our investment will become money to pay creditors very soon.

  10. This is god tier DD if a person is truly braindead

  11. You need to literally be mentally handicapped to believe this crap. I can't wait to see when people will realize the level of idiocy they reached and I'm also pretty sure that some people will have complete mental collapses and kill themselves or do some other reckless shit when the insane part of the cult will fall and their crazy emotionally intense dreams will crumble. I'm totally bullish on the cult meaning that it will create very good upward pressure for the stock(talking about GME not this shit towel stock which got diluted to shit by a dumb management and which has no consistent cult behind) but it will have severe mental consequences on a lot of people.

  12. How can people believe the price will go there? You need to be dumb.

  13. There 10s of millions of new shares in circulation with basically the same SI. This is not positive for a squeeze you genius.

  14. You people posting about this guy after his interview are dumb as fuck, this post is especially dumb.

  15. Will this sub ever get over this asshole?

  16. They cant succeed with an offer that low. They may want it at that price but the board have a duty to the shareholders to get the correct price. A starting offer under $10 would start a bidding war.

  17. Board had such duty all along and still diluted this stock desperately to the ground.

  18. The stock price reflects the market cap. The market cap is the current value of the company.

  19. The idiots on this sub don't understand that, they only read the revenue on the income statement (if they read it at all) and think that it is the value of the company.

  20. They over promised and under delivered. Just more execs charging too much for their work while tanking the business.

  21. They won't be cash flow neutral by end of fiscal year, and their credibility will go down the toilet.

  22. (R)ug (C)hampion himself said it. No bullshit conspiracy behind. Company was going to shit with his big investment and as soon as price exploded he bailed, as the more reasonable people here said.

  23. They would love for us to believe that. Everything on wsb is manufactured.. so knowing that should inform your moves.

  24. Every time with this conspiracy bullshit. Everybody was buying everybody was going nuts with memes and was epic, then the prick sold and scared the crap out of everybody.

  25. Oof .. you are going to be really butthurt when all this plays out. There is still time dude.

  26. Plays out in which way and why would I be butthurt? Let's see what dumb shit you have to say, I ll add it to the long list of idiocies I've seen here.

  27. Omg this fucking old fart plastered on the whole sub like he actually did something for the stock or even mentioned the stock, so stupid. Cringe QAnon level conspiracy copium based on a dumb photo with a guy that fucked all of us without lube after he wrote on Twitter how much he cares for investors and how righteous he is.

  28. I don't think anybody is saying that what they did is ok in any form.

  29. W... why would a multi-billionaire bother to do a rug pull for $60m lol

  30. If you had 1 billion and you threw $150mil on a company that after a few months deteriorates further to the point where its survival is at risk, together with more than 10% of your net worth, but you see the chance of bailing cause a stupid pump, what would you do? Give a fuck about a bunch of idiots on Reddit who followed you because of a cult and some cryptic shit tweets and hold till you loose all that money or sell? Let's be serious here.

  31. RC did not rug pull, he got what he wanted. New board members, debt being solved, and the company being saved from bankruptcy with a turnaround plan. Everyone here bought higher than today's price. Bullish as fuck this debt is being cleared. BBBY ain't going bankrupt. Short thesis is dead. We are going nowhere but up from this point on so I am buying as much as I can while it's at a stupid discount.

  32. If he didn't sell and scared everybody, the company could have diluted at much higher prices than these. It's not a fucking coincidence that "he reached an agreement" and sold exactly during the very few days the stock was pumping above his average after months of being in the red. He fucking bailed, agreement my ass.

  33. Ukraine wouldn't need to use the equipment if Russia wasn't terror bombing the entire country.

  34. Still, it's their failure, not a russian direct attack, not even a russian fuck-up. Escalating for this is dumb, period. What I can support to the fullest is giving AA to Ukraine to defend itself from the cruise missiles. I personally would love to see some CRAMs in action in Ukraine, but escalating to WW3 because Ukraine fucked up and killed 2 dudes on the border is only counterproductive and stupid.

  35. Ukraine fucked up?These missile defenses are automatic for the most part, if anyone fucked up, it is NATO, they gave these missile defenses to Ukraine.

  36. Apparently it's a russian product, the S-300.

  37. So? 150k FTDs? doesn't mean shit, not even 1milion would mean shit when company's printing millions of shares. FTDs are a byproduct of big runups and volatility, not triggers.

  38. The Reddit subs around Ukraine right now have a huge fuck off problem. They're echo chambers and this is a prime example of why this is dangerous, last night i was called a Russian troll because i was saying an hour or so after the strike that this was most likely an accident of some kind. I got pretty harshly down voted too but if i bought into the rampant "Nato war bait" i would have had a very different experience. I saw sensible posts about how this might have been Ukrainian anti-air missiles getting destroyed and threads on the subject removed. This has to stop.

  39. It's called propaganda. It's fundamental in war, for boosting morale, support and to weaken the enemy's spirit. What do you think, that ukrainian bombs did not land on civilian infrastructure? Or that no ukrainian tortured any russian POW, with the hate that is flowing? What do you think all these videos of soldiers with kittens and puppies are for? You need to look elsewhere for unbiased content but it's really hard.

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