Hey guys what’s ur opinion on renegade wader

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  1. Well, considering the clone template was from Jango and Jango being a Mandalorian, the Clone's helmet would then be similar to that of a Mandalorian's helmet.

  2. i meant from the animated show, reminded me of the long and tall

  3. I hate that they bringing g7 back to ground loot i really really hate when i find g7 on landing

  4. I might be in the minority but I’m really liking that Luke. I hate he’s in the new box though.

  5. why whats wrong with the new box? might aswell use less plastic.

  6. Season 5-8 was peak fortnite

  7. The complaining is understandable though

  8. Why? you know what you're buying... just don't buy it

  9. Definitely the time with Pieface! His reaction to their prank was too good.

  10. why would you buy shit when you produce it for free? smh /j

  11. thanks for the /j i really thought you were being serious with that one

  12. Thank you!! I recommend it for sure! I have so much fun.

  13. This is really cool! How many frames did are there in this whole animation? It looks really smooth!

  14. Honestly, I'm here for it. This map I do not vibe with, and I'm stoked for any changes, no matter how radical

  15. I personally really like this map, at least compared to last chapter's. Ch1 map will probably always be my favourite but this one so far is pretty good. What don't you like about it?

  16. i looked up octane victory lap pfp on google and its one of the first results

  17. If anyone needs I should still have around 10 solar flares for like 80 credits each, dont spend 2k on this haha

  18. If you are on PC I would be very happy to take one of them off your hands for 80c :)

  19. Thank you, appreciate it! I'll add you soon when I get home.

  20. Really cool :D How did you make them and what are they made of?

  21. They’re both worbla and EVA foam, the right is foam base with worbla accents and the left is 2 sheets of Worbla with an eva core. I made a template by wrapping plastic wrap around my arms and then taping over them, after I drew right on my arms and cut out the template onto the materials

  22. The boba fett show was lit, and ive found the hate against it extremely weird.

  23. Some bits were really cool, some bits were hilariously shit.

  24. I found the references to the change in jetpacks but I can't seem to find anywhere Fett's jetpack materials being beskar or not.

  25. Because Boba's armour in general was never beskar until the mandalorian when they just decided it was

  26. When they made the Boba skin I wanted an esb/rotj style :(

  27. Bro I was begging for a fucking topper just anything other than those disgusting wheels

  28. I legit want a topper cause then I don't have to sacrifice my car design to make it work

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