1. Apperently not just Kids are fucking stupid.

  2. Which mode are you running? It sounds like 105 watt eco mode. Those temps are around the same. Check in what mode the cpu is. there is an eco mode of 65 watt and 105 watt and unlocked

  3. Yeah buy 2. If one fails you still have a second one

  4. Good now you can leave it open all day and night. And tell him to check the water meter end of the month

  5. I guess you take care of your hygiëne he doesn't

  6. Haha look at him its his time of the month.

  7. You need to make her your ex, that car is ruined now 🤢

  8. You would think that but the car is perfectly fine! Cleaned and the smell is gone 👌 asked 10 different people how the car smelled and no one would have guessed someone puked in the car. Beside a little bit of puke ain't worth breaking up a 9 y relationship over, i ain't that shallow...

  9. Just joking with that lol, but god that aftermath looked... violent

  10. Because they want to use your netwerk for there business.

  11. Well, Gasly and Ocon did win a race in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

  12. Stupidity will always exist no matter what game or situation. We have people for everything in life... this is a perfect example.

  13. That definitely looks like a russian trench, But it's certainly possible that Ukrainians took it over and are fighting from it.

  14. It's also certainly possible it's not from this war either.

  15. If you gonna oc then yes otherwise you should be fine

  16. That review where the strix only has 1 or 2 frames xtra on the FE. But cost a lot more lololol

  17. It's just ridiculous that piece landed on the circuit so easy...

  18. Everyone: tractor?! What tractor? Max is WC with a shitty rule!

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