1. I think I had it a bit easier than most because I’ve always been told I look taller than I am and knew I had really long limbs for my height. I’m 5’5-5’6 but I knew I was probably a vertical type since I first learned about Kibbe (although I entertained DC for a while). The hard part for me was figuring out what my secondary accommodation was - width, curve, or nothing (pure D).

  2. Really? What made it difficult to figure out your secondary accommodation?

  3. This is a debate that pops up from time to time. Kibbe believes she was not 5’7, and reports have her at various heights from 5’5.5 to 5’7. She is a FG because her star image best aligns with it and she she was referred to as a Gamine in articles. Kibbe’s prime FG celebrity however, is Liza Minnelli, not Audrey Hepburn.

  4. In the recent list of “new” celebrities, she was given as the FG icon. Each ID had one classic icon and two contemporary celebrities. He definitely references her more than Liza now.

  5. That makes sense. Liza just really made FG click for me and she is who I always think of for FG. But I guess Audrey, at least in a modern context has a larger presence.

  6. A shimmery rose eye shadow is one of my favorite things! Also- your legs are soooooo long! I’m envious!

  7. Oh okay good to know. I don’t have Facebook at all so this sub is my only source of info. I definitely thought 5’6” was moderate

  8. It may be worthwhile to create one and join. Not pressuring you at all, but there are many things shared there that we never get to see on the sub. One of the mods there is active on this sub and does their best to update any outdated concepts! But you’ll get to see it in real time!

  9. I agree!! I’m considering it. Do u think I’d have a hard time getting accepted if I create a new Facebook & it’s blank/no posts?

  10. I don’t think so! Just be sure to join the Start Here Strictly Kibbe group. I believe the other group will be approved automatically once you are admitted to Start Here. I’m not 100% sure as I’m not in the main group (since men are not allowed at this time).

  11. Not looking as petite as we thought a TR should look, TR being really misunderstood, for a large part of her career, her curve wasn’t obvious. I actually thought she might have been DC because of how incredible she looked in this

  12. This was my first thought too especially since her weight’s been fluctuating over the years due to her lupus. but even at her higher weights she still looks small to me!

  13. I agree!! And really, the essence of DC doesn’t fit her when I really think about it- she is more magnetic with a hint of sass.

  14. The principles should be the same for you at any size! Soft, draped fabrics, waist emphasis, lightweight/floaty fabrics etc. should all still be considered. Shapeless clothing will still drown you out, despite what retailers may think.

  15. I guess because the internet seems to agree that Demi is a SN or possibly even SG? Regardless, Demi is a smaller person in a soft ID who wears very edgy clothing and usually looks quite good!

  16. Drew Barrymore and Madonna are two examples of Romantics that have had an edgier style and looked incredible. Jada Pinkett-Smith too, albeit she is a TR. You can look at them and see how they play with edgier pieces without getting lost.

  17. I'll wear it with high-heels so the length is okay. The feathers are the best part of the dress tbh.

  18. Are you going to buy it? I do really like it! Are you an autumn in PCA?

  19. I bought it today! Most people say yes. I believe I'm a soft autumn or a softer season in general. I've typed almost everything except bright winter and light seasons.

  20. Got it! Regardless of season- you’re going to look absolutely stunning.

  21. Thank you! I love magenta! Navy is new for me, but really liked it as well. My phone hates photographing certain colors so I hope they don’t look crazy!

  22. I feel like hair color is maybe given a bit too much emphasis online. I think hair color will give clues, but it doesn’t necessarily hold the answer. I would say dirty blonde hair probably won’t be found in deep seasons or Winter (usually), but that leaves Soft + True Autumn, Spring, and Summer.

  23. I appreciate you showcasing men! This was fun to go through! I would say for male runway models, almost all of them are Dramatic. You will find some that seem more FN (I think Brad Kroenig is a fantastic example of that IMO).

  24. This is gorgeous. Even the way it is styled feels very “Free Spirit Chic”.

  25. Now is such a great time for Winters! I went shopping at Zara and although we try to avoid fast fashion, in my journey for more Winter-friendly colors, Zara has been the perfect spot. I picked up some knitwear, but they had plenty of satin button downs in other incredible colors from this palette. I had to restrain myself 😅

  26. My mother is a FG, my father was likely a SG. Maternal grandparents are SC grandmother and likely SD/FN grandfather. Paternal grandmother is likely SG.

  27. The wider neckline accommodates width and the dark on dark color scheme and the sleek silhouette accommodates vertical. I think your look is great for FN!

  28. Because Winter gets black, and black is a color that many people are used to wearing therefor they desire to be in that family. However, it also probably has a lot to do with the fact that anyone with dark hair is likely to be recommended Winter, especially if they have blue eyes. While we know this isn’t always the case, it seems like a dark haired person will ALWAYS receive at least one comment for winter.

  29. Just went to Zara and got that color in a roll neck sweater. It is gorgeous!

  30. Speaking of which, how the hell does she slip and slide everywhere when performing some of her commands if her shoes aren't actual skates?

  31. Awww thank you so much! Honestly wish I could wear more black🥲🥲. I think the blazer being houndstooth helps to break it up in a way that works somehow lol. Yea it seems understated glamour is the way to go for me

  32. Yes! You don’t need a lot to really shine!

  33. You look so classy and elegant! I know black isn’t your best color, but you look amazing! I think understated glamour is perfection on you!

  34. I want to thank you for taking the time to share your story and your thoughts. I agree with so many of your points here. The Kibbe system can seem insurmountable but it has so much potential to help you improve your looks. Some of the concepts are initially confusing but once you learn that the definitions aren’t as extreme as they’ve been made to be, it’s easier to find your way.

  35. Photographing/or appearing tall has no bearing on the Kibbe system. A lot of people relate this to having vertical, which isn’t the case.

  36. I did love when they cut their hair into the bob for This Is The One.

  37. Thanks for that! It's quite ironic that the type that's supposed to rock "big" is bad at wearing heavy fabrics. Sure, Kibbe. Let me find those soft fabrics with big ornate details that are modern but also casual to wear as a student🥲

  38. Hahaha, the dominant vertical means that your scale is larger,hence your larger details. However because you have curve/softness, heavy and stiff will stifle that. Heavyweight fabrics work well on people who are straighter in their silhouette. I actually love Sofia Vergara’s casual style. It works well for her accommodations, but is easily wearable!

  39. Its pretty but not exactly good for a 24 year old college student because I can't casually rock platform heels on a day to day basis😅 on top of that I'm a soft summer and struggle to create vertical because a lot of black doesn't work for me. At least I can rock the corset tops that are trending rn😆

  40. I meant more in terms of shapes. She does a lot of elongated flare jeans, and she does long draped cardigans, waterfall I think?

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