1. Yo I love doing this type of stuff. Usually a hit or two of ganja does it for me.

  2. I just don’t like any contact with the silica , saw it on tube (north spore channel )

  3. Silica is in no way harmful to humans unless it's a fine pure crystalline powder in which if it becomes trapped in your lungs it can decrease your ability to take in oxygen, called silicosis.

  4. Consider it exposure therapy. What is the cat going to do to you?

  5. If a cloud of dust blows by the eastern watch tower at dawn, talk to the man with the many chickens whose job is to foresee the river mill. At only then, may you acquire knowledge and fortune to discover the whereabouts of thine pot.

  6. Your size dosent matter at all bro. Excuses in your head. You'll get it down just keep trying and playing around with it. There's no real rules, if you make a sound you like then that's beautiful

  7. My friends know some people who don’t but it’ll be hard 😭

  8. Did he have an allergic reaction to it? Peppers aren’t actually hot they have capsaicin which contains capsaicinoids that bind to receptors that detect heat and activate them. Also peoples tastebuds naturally change overtime.

  9. My taste has permanently changed after eating a ghost pepper too. I don't care what statistics or the "science" behind the pepper reaction are, it changed my mouth forever.

  10. How so? Everyone says “changed” but changed how exactly?

  11. Senses are kind of indescribable. Id say I taste things much less now, like I have to really look for the flavors in my mouth. I had a raw pulsating feeling in my mouth after I first ate it that lasted a while and that has now subsided. The best way to describe the taste is different, like from a new angle. Weird shit that's why people struggle to describe it.

  12. Coir for plants often has been inoculated with trichoderma and many a tub has been doomed from the start because of it. It never hurts to read

  13. That's why you pasteurize your substrate not just soak it.

  14. Iv done this just add boiling water to expand and keep clean and airtight. Not a problem for me

  15. Exactly. Some people say you need to pressure cook it for hours. Ive always succeeded by just pouring boiling water in a bucket with it in it and sealing it for a day.

  16. My personal experience matters to me more than your words. I can only hope for you to experience or notice something that you know is the higher power

  17. Yes I love dudes blocking my view with their wacky waiving inflatable arms

  18. It's a tool concert. Do you expect everyone to sit in their seats all conformed maybe rocking their head back and forward to the beat? One of the bangs biggest inspirations is lsd

  19. I am new to this witchcraft and not yet skilled in your sorcerer ways.

  20. Have you ever vaccumed? Go slower to get everything in one pass

  21. Seems like enough people have told you what to do. Most cpus cap at like 100c and if you don't believe your cpu will hit that temp in a couple minutes just put your finger on it and learn a lasting lesson (actually you really shouldn't you can probably feel the heat just emanating off of it)

  22. This dude has been repeatedly trying to fry his cpu and burn his house down.

  23. Guys I think you've fixed it, put a cooler on and bam it up and running

  24. Bro please be very cautious working with high voltage shit. Why would you ever attempt to start a PC without a cooler? Cooling your cpu is not an option.

  25. Get a new monitor bro. It's gonna be "usable" but your setup will just get more ghetto

  26. Hi if reinstall, meaning Only windows right? Do I have to back up everything while doing this? Is that the same as reset?

  27. Go through your files and pull whatever you REALLY need out and onto a Google drive account. Games and large files can be redownloaded. Don't back up things that you don't NEED. This is early computer spring cleaning for you.

  28. What about it? I like storing files on Google drive because they automatically scan for malware. Malware can go onto drives if it gets the chance to. Viruses are weird and will hide in the corners of partitions on ur drives. Full reset is the only 100% solution.

  29. Oh my god you should not mess with these types of things if you don't know what you're doing. This easily could have exploded.

  30. The self control it takes from not doing it feels really good. If you jack off all day man you'll be satisfied sexually on the surface level, but deep down I think you'll be craving something real but not even know what that is.

  31. Now the real fun has begun. I got idiots thinking I am being an asshole when I have just been fucking with everybody also. It really brings the real dumbasses out. LMFAO. This is an easily excitable community.

  32. Look to it this way, you both don't make enough to live comfortably, and they have 4+ years of college on their backs.

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