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  1. TNO players be like “hitler did nothing wrong he was actually just a sad old guy” before deepthroating 12 inch cock

  2. I mean the last part was based but the quote was an L of course

  3. Everytime I’m reminded of how small the average penis is, my day just seems to be a really good one.

  4. Which country’s average tho? Lowest is Cambodia I think? and Ecuador highest

  5. Wait, really? I... have a thing for Ecuadorean guys but most of them have been... less than exceptional... in that regard.

  6. Huh, you must’ve come across those in the lower percentiles then. Look up penis size by country and you’ll see Ecuador and Cameroon up-top and Cambodia at the bottom

  7. i always use pause, but i never get clean. what am i doing wrong?

  8. EU still damned to play vs US players on US server :/. But gz to all Asians, game is a lot more fun with decent ping.

  9. Wasn’t WoW recently shut down in Asia? Maybe this move will get people moving-over to it from WoW?

  10. I fail to see how this has any relevance to the comment you replied-to.

  11. Can feel the hatred all the way over here in sub-zero-winter Wales🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿lol

  12. My father smoked before having kids and nicotine gum is something that helped him a lot, also maybe worth mixing the nicotine gum with candy cigarettes? might be worth doing since it’s been proven that the sensation of the vape pen/cigarette/cigar etc can be relaxing, sure, but can also be pretend-mimicked by other things which don’t actually provide a drug-“hit” so-to-speak, if you know what I mean?

  13. If it's android maybe you can use an android Emulator and login to your google account

  14. This is potentially something you could learn to use, OP! If you’re on android anyway ~ if it’s Apple, my guess for the best-move would be to re-sign-into everything that you need to keep-up for your wellbeing. Try to hide the device/s in the safest possible places and only use it/them when you feel 100% certain no one’s going to approach you for a few minutes at the least.

  15. I think it helps strengthen interpersonal bonds with partners if we share negative vents to them. They can worry, but reassuring them afterwards, that you just want the vent-outlet rn (and you’re essentially just trying to bounce the negativity further-away) can put their mind more at-ease

  16. That, or use the game’s LFG system and start regularly playing with a specific person or group of people that you like the vibe-of, OP

  17. My take on the Christian/Islamic deity referred to as “God” is generally summed up with the following quote:

  18. This recently happened for me, although I only saw them for maybe 18 months, and I consistently had the niggling in my head that I should leave. It has taught me that I really do know that I need, I just need to trust in it. I was able to make progress with them in a specific way, but I am now confident it could've been a lot more if I felt more comfortable and wasn't filtering myself. This is a big pattern in my life. I also feel sad, it's so strange, and will definitely be further unpacked with my new therapist. Anyway, you're not alone, it's a part of the learning experience!

  19. Exactly, a lot of people don’t trust their gut enough when it comes to them not-feeling whether something’s right for-them. I think a lot of people could be a lot happier if they listened to those inner feelings telling them “hey, wait a minute” or “nope” and stuff like that

  20. Heyo, person who’s never tried therapy here, just want you to know that even trying to get that support from others in the 1st place is something you should be proud of yourself for-doing and your frustrations are more-than valid! All the best from Wales🙌🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  21. Honestly even just attending things can be draining, in and of itself, so it’s worth being proud of yourselves, if any of you successfully go to something!

  22. Of course he still likes you, it’s not your fault and it happens, no biggie, he should ideally be helping you with the clean-up and I think a lot of males have no qualms with seeing period blood, since lots will still make-love with their partner happily with a towel or two underneath!

  23. Self-affirmations in the morning are great if you struggle with feelings of guilt and/or worthlessness sometimes. A lot of them usually involve standing in front of a mirror and essentially just reassuring yourself out-loud that you are not a burden to others, you are loved, you are deserving of respect and so-on.

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