1. You can get bots in ranked if you lose enough time in a row or it takes to long to find a match

  2. Ah, well they might have been bots but a different form, im currently in beginner rank so they were bound to be bad (like me)

  3. completely unrelated but didn’t i play with u when we were novas

  4. Yea i remember you! You went to the jets team if i remember correctly

  5. Don't think I've seen a 6 bear spawn for quite a while

  6. Yea they rekt bardur’s resources (still great yet a shadow of its former self)

  7. STOP WITH THE ICE PUNS PLZ STOP (im sorry for screaming ,but stop with the puns)

  8. I used to be in that list but i kept losing team games in polychamps :(

  9. How do i use the code, i have one but no idea how to use it

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