1. How did you get them to germinate? I’m sitting on a stash of 10-15 year old Acapulco Gold seeds and can’t Get them to germinate

  2. Dont they make fleshlights with the same anatomical shape as “your favorite porn star” so it feels like you’re having sex with them 😂 I feel like this has been a thing for quite a while

  3. brb enrolling in nursing school

  4. Bro. It’s a mess. You don’t want to get mixed up with them. No matter how fine and toxic they are 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Nowadays it ain’t hard to fake draft a doctors note that you have a “severe allergy” to canines

  6. There was but it was shut down because I’m sure someone complained.. I wanna say it was up for a couple weeks,maybe month at the longest.. Thank God we didn’t have to see Mangela’s cooter though..😂😂

  7. Granted. You now have unlimited things you wish for, and will live your life unfulfilled.

  8. You didn't ask to be able to grant wishes. You asked to have infinite wishes. So now you have infinite wishes.

  9. Just sit facing the wall and lean forward. Might shit on the floor but that's life.

  10. The chick I lost my virginity too “race-fished” me. Thought she was Hispanic but ended up being a plain af white woman who dressed and culturally appropriated Hispanic culture.

  11. If they were stealing food because theyre hungry I can’t see the reaction being that different. No one deserves to starve

  12. But you’re adding your own context to it. Bc to me she looks like she’s affluent, well dressed in UGGs with a $1000 phone.

  13. Idk what’s going on in the video but it doesn’t matter how someone is dressed or what tech they have. Anyone can be hungry. Anyone can steal whether it’s pointless or a matter of life and death. How someone looks never tells the full story.

  14. And anyone can be affluent, regardless of looks. How do you know she’s hungry?

  15. I remember I had a similar incident happen when it rained really bad and only management made it in. So we had to stay after 4-6 hours extra after our shift was over while waiting for dayshift to come in.

  16. What does it do exactly? I tried looking it up but can’t find any Concrete info

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