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  1. Phantasy Star Online And Diablo 2.

  2. Ive played diablo 3, is diablo 2 anything like that? Why recommend it over 3?

  3. What's your thoughts on MMORPGs? Those generally have a shit ton of content and possibility of dumping in time. I started WoW after christmas 2015 and have sunk in around 14000 hours since then. Ofc you don't need to do THAT much (and a lot of it is afk or running around chatting to people) but MMORPGs are a timesink. Like, any of them.

  4. I have literally never played an MMO. What would be your recommendation for newbies?

  5. I was so stunned at the amount of content in this game. I'm still in high rank and havent even beaten nergigante yet but I feel like I should pay the devs more money because of how much effort, time and energy has been put in the game. I think I'm around 65hours deep at this point as well which is way more than most AAA games and none of it was boring or tedious. Can't wait to reach master rank and iceborne. Also I've been hearing only good things about MHR and sunbreak.

  6. Imo mhr got kind of boring, i havent played sunbreak yet but mhr was too easy for my taste. The wirebugs made combat really simple and repetitive, you dont have to think at all, just do your attack combos and if you get hit you can wirebug out and heal, no risk of fainting at all.

  7. Yea I did hear that a lot. But from the reviews of many people who shared the same opinion has said that sunbreak ramps up difficulty in the right ways with more aggressive monsters and whatnot. So hoping thats the case

  8. Not trying to say bad about the two games, but this isn't actually true. While the official 1.0 release of Minecraft came out after Terraria, the beta first came out years before any recorded development from Terraria, specifically in 2009, while Terraria first came out in 2011.

  9. Yep, i think I remember hearing the terraria devs say that minecraft inspired them when making terraria

  10. It would've made some sense if they posted that right when Terraria first released, but come on! I bet you a million dollars they didn't even play the game past EOC

  11. Thank you, I have tried my tv now and it works fine, im looking into returning the monitor

  12. I would suggest using less quicksilver bullets for arcane stuff, seems fitting with the mensis ritual and all that

  13. Please tell me you are going to make a cainhurst area? Everything looks soo good

  14. The sub fee is $12.99 a month for a single character. $14.99 for 8 characters. You only really need one since you can play all classes on a single character.

  15. How many hours of content is behind the paywall? Would I have to buy multiple months to completely finish the game?

  16. You're getting roughly half of the game in the free trial. Level cap in the full game is 80. You get ARR (Base game; lvl. 1-50) and Heavensward (Expansion 1; lvl 50-60) in the trial. If you bought the complete edition of the game, you would also get Stormblood (Expansion 2; lvl 60-70) and Shadowbringers (Expansion 3; lvl 70-80). There's another expansion coming in November as well.

  17. Imo the enemies/bosses should be harder because it is an open world game which means that you could easily do other areas first and get super stacked. My least favourite part of all the souls games is being way overlevelled and just rolling through everything, i hope they make a fix somehow

  18. If you’re still online and willing to help me with Micolash on NG+ please let me know!

  19. im helping someone with yahargul and then i can help with micolash

  20. Full disclosure. Everything i ever need to know. But. I also learn by doing so there is that

  21. Okay, what are your goals with the chalice dungeons? Are you trying to get the platinum, you just want to do them all?

  22. I want all the trophies yeag. But want the gems. The blood rocks. Insight. I wanna become a badass so i can help people as they've helped me!

  23. Which starts off with killing the Blood-Starved Beast and getting the Pthumeru Chalice

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