1. We have a Transfer/Degree holder program that is highly competitive. The last year’s cut off being around ~3.9-4.0. The nursing program itself here is very difficult, we are graded by few, and an A is 91%. They emphasize research & prepare you more for the NCLEX & academia.

  2. These are questions that can be answered by an academic adviser.

  3. Understandable and was planning on it but wanted a student perspective ;)

  4. I transferred to a science program at UVIC after doing a year of camosun nursing and none of my courses were transferable except for English and anatomy and physiology

  5. Thanks for your response, did you enter as a first year in that uvic program? What program did you go to at uvic

  6. I think some of the questions I had were deleted from the original post. Do you know how I can see if my courses are transferable to ucal nursing? If you're in the program, how are you finding it? Is it possible for me to enter in second year

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