1. How many weeks is this, how many times did you top to get to this point and are you ready for swapping to flower yet?

  2. I am feeding week 6, they had a slow, colder start to veg. I had them hiding in the corner while my autos were finishing on 18-6, so they grew slower, low 70’s high 60’s. Pumped it up to high 70’s low 80’s with the mini split and they are loving it!

  3. Can you tell us about this setup? Kit or custom? I’d really love to set one of these up someday.

  4. Custom, 3” pipe return, 1” supply, 8gal buckets. I’ve got a 1/3hp chiller keeping temps at 67, running cleangrow fertmax lineup. It can get pricy doing rdwc depending on pipe size. I think each bulkhead I got was like $20, so $100 just in bulkheads. Shit costs too much now a days lol.

  5. Whats adding or lowering nutes got to do with ph. Just use ph up/down. Keep it simple

  6. Also the addition of ph up/down RAISES your ppm which is not something you want when your res is rising in ph!

  7. Boom badabang🥶 listen to longjump my guys he will teach you a thing or two. This is exactly what separates a harvest vs a great harvest

  8. I think you’d be fine I have a minimal delta t across my supply and return lines for mine. I have mine in a control bucket though

  9. Ok well... like what? Looking to start off with a budget build to get started.

  10. 23-26C°C/73-79°F when lights on and 19-22°C/66-72°F when off. Humidity stays around 40-60%. PPFD is about 650-700.

  11. Try to keep temps consistent 80 during veg and closer to 55-65h in veg. Keep an eye on the way the leaves curl, meaning they are getting too much heat or humidity.

  12. So you obviously know nothing about growing plants,huh? Good luck anyway.

  13. No doubt there are 2 full mature seeds in this picture. No one with less than a years experience would debate those are seeds. Unless the goal was to make seeds this will be a shit plant and infect any other females around it. FACTS.

  14. Bro what are you talking about lmao I understand there’s 2 seeds that does not mean it’s “obviously” a male. You can “obviously” see bud therefor not a male.

  15. You think male plants don’t bud. What world you living in. Enjoy that headache in August. You seem like you would harvest too early. Later peeps.

  16. Fuckin bum look at ya now. Turns out kids growing for many years means something huh

  17. I’ve got a clip top jar I keep it in, that but was just to make a joint with at the time.

  18. I was giving an update of how it looked from yesterday today thanks man

  19. No, the Best for veg is between 5.5 - 5.9, the Best for flower is 6.0 - 6.3. I always get Best Results with most of the time 5.7 in veg and 6.1 in flower. IT Depends on the strain.

  20. No, in veg you can let ph drop to 5.0 with no issues. Yes every strain is different, that’s why you adjust from there. 5.5 as a base and watch what ppm’s and ph do every 12 hours and adjust accordingly. If you set it to 5.5 and your oh and ppm’s don’t swing you will have no issues at all.

  21. You could probably smoke it but it’s going to be super dry and probably hurt to smoke, I would just make it into edibles or bubble hash if you have large amounts of trim, and if it’s tric’ed out

  22. Yeah just cover up a whole damn wall where lights gonna reflect and help penetrate better

  23. I’m not gonna cry about a little bit of reflective surface. I’ll be ok.

  24. Your first grow ever and you are saying that you'll never grow anything but Mephisto? It would be pointless to limit yourself bc of brand loyalty. It's one thing if you don't ever want to try photos and just stick to autos (hell, that was what I thought three years ago too and now I don't fuck with autos hardly at all) but no sense in keeping yourself from trying other experiences. There are lots of great genetics out there to be had.

  25. Your trying to push air threw a 2” piece of hose. You will have better luck cooling the room your tents in and get a good exhaust setup in the tent to dial it in more

  26. I'm pulling air from a closed off duct. Cooling the entire basement down isn't an option. Especially when my grow tent is sitting next to the dry tent.

  27. Get a tee and put it in place of the 90 and put a damper on the end of it. More flow plus you can control it

  28. Whatchu know about athena taking cleangrow slime, any opinions or knowledge on this?

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