1. Remember folks, Persona 5 invented Japan and the color red. Truly one of the most influential games of all time. 😔🙏

  2. army recruiter rolls worst propaganda ever, asked to leave the site.

  3. we are gonna have to try real hard to win against excel this year guys

  4. I have spent almost 400 hours on this game and i am mostly playing operations unless it's morning and there are no severs so i join conquest, and there are still many maps and modes that i haven't even tried. Combine it with community servers with realism. This game never gets boring.

  5. I wish all transphobes a happy and prosperous life, I would not harm the administrators of that Twitter account

  6. My brother in Christ, the bear has one head, It’s just the state of California

  7. No, the state of california is a reference to fallout new vegas

  8. Hard mode is super easy. Just keep playing, don't rush your attacks...master your perfect parries..

  9. Same here, i felt that even hard was kinda easy so i played on lethal to the end of the game

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