1. You see all the “school shootings” are just anons trying to prevent a school shooting, it’s all a misunderstanding

  2. There won't be school shootings if all possible school shooters are dead

  3. Your brother was a bitch and so are you

  4. That D-Walkussy got my DEMON SNAKE actin' tf up, mans turned a demon for that walkussy fr fr

  5. Children when a literal corpse is being mangled by a pack of wild dogs:

  6. Tried mgs3 on pscx2 and i could play it, tried it on rpcs3 with the hd edition and it was absolutely perfect.

  7. Volatiles were everywhere in DL1. They owned the night. It was their's and that was entirely the point. The NPCs were clear that venturing out at night was suicide and they were mostly right. They matched the player in strength and exceeded the player in speed. The only way to avoid them was to hide, or be very good at evasion and parkour. They weren't an enemy that you'd casually engage with unless you were extremely experienced, or had an arsenal of really good weapons.

  8. So true, and in the following it is almost impossible to drive at night so you have to run and when you are playing on hard you cant see them on the minimap, so you just spam q while trying to avoid them.

  9. I finished main game with all quests done + the following (on hard) all quests done + played with my friends a couple times = took me 68,5 hours

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