1. when will we ever be rid of this ridiculous asshat?

  2. How are you going to react when he's back in office? You know damn well it's coming..He will, at the very least be a major part of your life until the very least. You're going to need your Kleenex and hot cocoa 😂😂😂

  3. please get yourself some help to get out of the cult

  4. Bigfoot....I got scabies, I do . Waiting for the postman it this in Vermont?

  5. Know what else is stupid? having a pause in investigations during elections season while the perp is out there trying to foster a new civil war saying if a million had shown up he would still be president and hes not even running til 2024 but apparently politicians get a free delay... the mob would have loved the DOJ rules on election seasons. Guarantee you every ballot would include a mobster on it, every single election.

  6. Trying to foster a new civil war 😂😂? You're a complete joke. We would have actual borders and not just whoever wants to come here illegally can ...that seems to be a clear present danger this very moment. Failure. Our country is a mess because maniacs like you vote like dementia patients. Imagine how many criminals/ Terrorists are able to , and may have already crossed here illegally? Does that sound good to you? You support that? You wanna defund police to while you're at it. You're so WOKE!! kinda sad

  7. Loose! Footloose! Kickoff me Sunday shoes ☘️🎶🎶🎶

  8. On the hand, this seems like a good way to make sure the GOP lose. Nobody would be stupid enough to vote these two in.

  9. Actually this would be a HUUUUGE upgrade from the dementia patient and the clueless cackling rocket scientist...she hers it....I'm wearing a blue dress.......I don't think you have any clue if what you support, is ruining our country. You have absolutely NO idea.

  10. Right?! Who could have known that installing US-friendly leaders/dictators/governments would come back to bite us in the ass?

  11. Oh ha! You're a self apologist? Did you go on BO boy's world apology tour with him? So shameful of you. Poor thing

  12. Somehow liberals never really understand that Liberal Democrats are not only the biggest threat, but they ruin the country more everyday. Thanks for those open borders...another threat is our economy collapsing. Creeper Joe is doing a great job with advancing that .. what a joke...keep pretending. So pathetic

  13. Who said ANYTHING about schools????? NOBODY. That's what you freaks do. Lie, embellish, create problems. You're 100% Rochester Filth...freak!!! Go march in your little "poor me parade" I support the police and however they handle you slimeballs at your violent marches...

  14. You should probably lose your right to vote. I hope you change your view on this someday.

  15. I should lose my right to vote because I don't agree with you? Wow 😂😂😂😂👮‍♂️

  16. If this is how you really vote, then you’re a huge moron.

  17. Trump, Hershel Walker, Candace Owens,Tulsi, and the Dude running for NY governor Zeldin.. those are the righteous Americans. You're on the wrong end of the Spectrum my man.. I love that you're calling ME and he moron. 😂. Youre a very misguided maniac. In my eyes, you're're WOKE 😂😂😂

  18. It is fine that you posted your observation. The pro-police crowd is always going to support the blue. That is the whole frustration with cops supporting whatever cops do, literally whatever they do.

  19. If there was a crime ever committed against you or family, who would you call? Other Redditors who hate the police? Nope'd b on the phone calling 911 so fast. Because you're a worm...

  20. I think he meant the Eagles with Felder and Henley…

  21. Oh ..yeah ..duh. Well I hate those Eagles too.

  22. That's true. Her politics and her disrespect of people is sickening. She's that person that thinks it's ok to hate people as long as they're white. Because that's ok, right? She has that sort of mentality. Super talent that's been hijacked by her own stupidity and ignorance.

  23. Uhh, I’ve lived in the city and the burbs, and Rochester doing economically way better now than it was doing in the early 2000’s. Like the area where the playhouse and beer park and Napa are now weren’t places anyone was hanging out. They were just putting up the very first of the high end apartments in the East End, crime spewed out of the Cadillac Hotel. I’m sure you’re going to point out the rise in crime - which, yes, needs to be addressed, just like it does across the entire country cause crime has gone up everywhere (and by even more in red states).

  24. Take a hike. You can never admit your failures. Which means you failed. Liberal

  25. What? You do realize your response consisted basically of “nuh-uh!! You!!!”

  26. What, you don't ever get cold and use a shawl?

  27. I still have no idea what this means. What is a “turnabout dance”? What is a main competition in the context of a state speech team circuit? What is a state speech team circuit? How did she make you fall in love with her? How did she crush you ? Who won state the next year? What is winning state? And as for a land of unknowing heart sauce… I am at a loss

  28. He was not even born until 87!!! This really doesn't belong in 90s music... probably smoking meth somewhere in the afterlife...

  29. I got so caught up, being annoyed with that stupid joker pic, that I forgot what the post was about. Dude was a sleeze ball

  30. Literally delusional and like the other guy said multiple cops have been killed by you idiots

  31. What idiot? I'm an idiot? My friends, family, and co-workers who support President Trump aren't idiots. Actually smart, good, loving, and caring you support blm riots? Do you support the Seattle disaster? The Left either blames people of doing something to deflect people from seeing who the horrible people are. The people who don't care about criminals coming over the border. The people who want to refund the police. Are you that guy? I'm definitely not the guy you wish I was...but I'm 100% you're the guy I think you are. Deflect, back-pedal, and lie. Your gang of fascists who deflect deflect deflect. Nice try doofy..LETS GO BRANDON!!!!! 💙🇺🇸🚨💙🇺🇸💯🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 BLUE LIVES MATTER...SMILE FOR ME😁

  32. Stacey's dad is really really rad 🎶👮‍♂️

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