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  1. Vayne has literally no waveclear lmao. How do you want to freeze against E max Nasus?

  2. By the time you have Sheen, the blind would be 2.5/2.75s. Teemo can go stealth in 1.5s.

  3. If Nasus has Mercs and tenacity runes + Ghost Teemo can literally never win.

  4. Most of my normal games are high silver to low plat players. I should climb pretty quick. I get around 20-22 lp a game last I climbed a few months back but I was making too many mechanical errors. I am so much better now and ready to blast out of silver 4

  5. Yi can't beat you if you have 2 shields (Sterak's, Stoneplate), neither can Bel since FH and new wither invalidates her, however it can be close if you get hit by the knock up. And Kayn can't beat you in a straight 1v1, he has to kite out your ult.

  6. The thing is that gwen if build just to 1v1 nasus with deathcap and voidstaff just deletes nasus since he has no real way to dodge middle q and her ult needles

  7. If Nasus goes full mr with FoN, Visage, Stoneplate and Sterak's you should win since Gwen got nerfed to oblivion, especially her true dmg.

  8. They probably mean it like 1k bonus hp will give 3% additional slow.

  9. Well actually I started playing Nasus since season 3 so there's not that much difference between us, don't give me that Migayi & Daniel-san crap you actually made me cringe sick. Surely the gap was that in those days I was always at my highest peak rank along with my master elite homies, while you were cashing out your poor grandma's allowance on eloboost handicaps hoping to rise from your dogshit bronze status like the nerdy hardboners you had when you sneak peeked at your drunk unemployed dad's magazines. Don't you dare to bring my mom into this thread and be a man, you fucking loser.

  10. This insult is so bad it looks like one of those shitty copypastas lmaooo

  11. A powerful Emperor advertised for a new Chief Samurai. Only three applied for the job: a Japanese, a Chinese and a Jewish Samurai.

  12. Why did I know this was going to be a circumcision joke the moment I read jewish samurai

  13. Trinity is useless on Nasus in almost all cases anyway since you lose the healing from Sunderer, around which Nasus got "balanced", hence the passive nerfs.

  14. it does but its such a negligible amount that is not worth taking in my opinion. its not really worth on any champion but maybe tryndamere for early game Q spam, and aatrox.

  15. Yeah, also only the 10% healing increase affects Nasus' passive, so you only profit from the bonus healing when below 40% hp and at max 2% if your passive is maxed.

  16. Only the 10% healing increase on targets below 40% hp is applied to your lifesteal. The 5% healing increase only works on spells like Kayle W, however both instances of the shield buff affect shields like Sterak's or Stoneplate.

  17. I must admit it's hard to find a subreddit where people cry about their champ more than here, maybe singedmains with minishcap crying in every tweet from the balanceteam.. commendable

  18. We haven't been crying for long tho. Before all the nerfs we've even been saying Nasus is too strong but now the crying is justified since he is garbage tier atm.

  19. That's kinda how the meta shifting works, sometimes your main is good, sometimes he's bad, people are acting like this is a nasus only problem when in reality, this literally happens to every single champion in league.. the sooner you realize it the better for you and this subreddit, crybaby posts are dogshit and nobody cares except other crybabies

  20. Never said this only happens to Nasus tho? Reality is more or less the same champs get picked in pro play because they are always strong, sometimes less but always decent. Then there are champs that are trash tier for 2 seasons straight without Riot doing something about it. E. g. Camille gets a small nerf, drops from S tier to A+ then instantly gets two compensation buffs afterwards while Nasus in this case receives multiple indirect nerfs in a row and the buffs get pulled.

  21. Hell yeah. Thanks Riot for making the prestige skin in such a way that I won’t have to spend any money on it.

  22. Need teleport and ghost. ignite is like the most useless thing you could ever put on that champ

  23. Just rework him(AP superior, Tank inferior). And everything will be alright.

  24. YouTube vanced has been discontinued because of google over the accusations of "copying the youtube logo" for what i once read in their forums

  25. you are saying you want strong early that can be able to 1vs1 fighters like darius?

  26. He always could 1v1 Darius or Jax late game, however these buffs didn't target his actual weaknesses but only made him stronger against champions he already wins against.

  27. I can't wait to essentially turn any ranged top into a vegetative patient on a wheelchair with max W and exhaust once again.

  28. Throw Frozen Heart and Anathema's into that and the ADC can close their game as soon as you wither them.

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