AITA for calling every morning?

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  1. Info: is she up with him during the night while you are sleep?

  2. No. He sleeps great. He sleeps straight through the night always unless he's sick.

  3. We discovered my son knew most of his alphabet, numbers, shapes, colours at 15 months… as unbelievable as it sounds. He couldn’t talk, but we had this table with all those things etched into the edges and one day for fun I asked him where letter C was and he chose right. I was shocked and quizzed him on everything - he proceeded to get it right like 90% of the time and you could tell he was observing and thinking/searching for the right answer.

  4. I love your answer and I agree with there being possible other delays. He doesn't talk very much and he lacks some fine motor skills. Thanks for replying.

  5. It depends. My 2 year old cannot do this but I have never shown him letters or numbers and said this is an A because it's not important at this age. If I did do that I would expect he could remember just like he can remember this blue, this is a cat, etc. If you never taught your kid this then it's odd yes. But if you've taught him idk why it would be odd.

  6. I never intended to teach him these things so early on. It all started when he was playing with alphabet magnets in the kitchen and I would say things like "wow, is that a blue A" or "look at that green E" and he seemed to remember very quickly without me trying to actually "teach" him in the moment. For instance, I'd be busy washing dishes, the magnets kept him occupied and I could watch him while I worked and the magnets were only a "game" in the kitchen.

  7. I've wondered about this also. I've never heard of a school of lions or a pride of fish. I hope someone has an awesome answer for this...

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