1. Honestly, I hope you do a animation vs animator at this point,

  2. As of now, no. Needed a 2 day break as working on this has severely fucked my sleep and am now getting a little sleep deprivation. I will still work on it, and I WILL finish it, just in due time is all.🫶

  3. This looks like they are making another pootis engaged movie

  4. It is. A Spinoff of It. A working title of the Name "God's, and Pootis" only catch is, he's not winning this fight.

  5. Motion Editor, and at least 10 coffees during the day, and 10 during the night. This shit kills you man, trust me, you dont wanna know😭

  6. Scout's tired of being the punching bag character in Gmod/SFM films.

  7. So, of all people who can hurt Cen0's heavy, even after Buff Soldier failed (even if he did kill heavy, but he came back to life), Scout is gonna be the one?

  8. Yes. But he's no Scout, this Scout called "Ben Rider" he is from another Universe. He's a Universal Rage Monster who was once a Hero, turned Anti-Hero, who's killed gods, Gone toe to toe woth the God of creation and life and survived, Beated many of Powerful foes Stronger than him, and Is fueled by unlimited Rage and Universal Power. He's on the Same Scales as this Heavy and his Red Counterpart. He's the Asura of This World.

  9. Mother fucker is this TF2 or DND 😂

  10. Not yet, in doing the finishing touches on this segment and then I'll animate some new stuff to it.

  11. Asura’s Wrath referenced. I see you are a man of culture.

  12. Whispers: "I'm the Homelander, and I CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT." Smiles Psychotically

  13. Every hour for me. Had a snake nearly bite me, a White tale spider try to clip me, and a fucking Truck nearly ran me over cus it ls brakes wouldn't work. So alot XD

  14. Honestly, these are hella good. But I would try to recommend working on Lighting. It's a bit bland and doesn't look fleshed out. Try working with Volumetrics and brightening the lights on the Character. Sometimes when a light is shining in a specific brightness, the shine on the character doesn't really fit. Try to match the segments of the lighting. I would also highly recommend using particles like dust for some of these shots, it would add WAY more depth to the shots. But other than that I think these are slick af.

  15. looks pretty neat. Not sure if it's done or anything but, if you need any help with animations, models, or voices. I'd love to pitch in.

  16. Unfortunately I can't seem to find it, may you send a link?

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