2. Not in MK2 he didn’t you mouth breather, do your research you fake fan, and watch your mouth, didn’t your parents teach you any manners, no need to respond either cause I don’t want to interact with low IQ individuals with negative energy

  3. Did you write Jax MK2, big unfunny MORON? And Scorpion is a literal Scorpion, big fucking unfunny Moron?

  4. the room defense lazer. have people come into your room and kill you a bunch for a chance to unlock it at what'shisface's shop.

  5. Locally you can jump and ragdoll midair onto the ledge with a shotgun. After multiple tries you'll glitch into the wall and fall into the room below you.

  6. First time a topic of mine is copied to karma farming, im proud

  7. Don’t think the trailers in pair thing makes sense based on the evidence you gave. Kazuya all the way to Xiaoyu was based on beta characters and if they were themed like Jin and Kazuya, Law and Paul then Asuka would definitely have been announced with Lilli if not Jun. I’m not saying you’re wrong with the potential of two characters being revealed at major events though.

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