Taylor’s response on the ticket crisis

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  1. Just when you think you are done with love and relationships life will come knocking. Trust me, you're way too young to be done with being happy. Until then, make your own happiness. I know you can do it <3

  2. I'm 27, not super young but not old...but old enough to know that happiness feels far-fetched

  3. Not my reaction to these photos being me giggling and screaming "oh he's so handsome, he's so handsome"

  4. I'm 5 ft and 125 vs 120 vs 115 are all different dress sizes (8 vs. 6 vs. 4)

  5. I just take prelief and have a glass or two of wine, since that's my favorite alcoholic beverage. I drink in moderation so using prelief on occasion is totally fine (according to my urogynecologist)

  6. This feels like it’s lacking a lot on specifics of 1) what actually happened, and 2) what can be concretely done for fans.

  7. Honestly, both. How does someone go about remedying something like this? It's going to take time and a lot of brain power to figure out a current solution and a solution to the future

  8. To the people who said she wouldn’t throw Ticketmaster under the bus because of contractual obligations. Obviously not the case.

  9. I'm hoping for this too! I know BTS does things like too (broadcasting the live concert in a theater and online-streaming), especially when their LA shows from last year sold out like crazy during the presale and no one got a chance during the general sale :(

  10. You may have vulvar dermatitis! Recommend moisturizing with coconut oil, it's safe to even use internally

  11. Can anyone who got Pittsburgh tickets from yesterday confirm any pricing for different sections? I just want to know what to expect and where I should be looking! I don’t exactly know my budget ATM but I don’t want to waste time clicking on seats that I can’t afford.

  12. Hey girly! I got section 108 row N for $300, came out to $358.70 with fees and taxes

  13. I'm lucky enough to have a bought a ticket yesterday and was going to try the capitol one presale today if I wasn't lucky (have a capitol one bank account 💅🏻) Although the sad part about all my concert endeavors is that I go alone 😔 Soo..part of me wants to try and get 2 nosebleeds for day 2 in Pittsburgh...would anyone want to go with me? Feel like this is dangerous to ask but I would like some swiftie friends who live in the same city as me 🤡

  14. Do people stand/dance in the lower bowl or does everyone sit? Also, do people sing in that section?

  15. I definitely stand and dance, but definitely you have less space. Also, I'm 27, so if I have a couple of drinks in my system, I just let loose and not care what others think. But you do have less space to move around. And yes! Everyone was singing along and I singing-screaming the lyrics lmao 😂

  16. Hi! I was wondering if you had any thoughts on this: I never go to stadium concerts and I got tickets for mid lower bowl in the first row. Do you think this will be too low to see?

  17. Nope! The bowl is raised compared to floor seats :) Im mid lower bowl too but row 14. Def wanted better bowl seats but I can't complain

  18. Yes and I'm surprised because it said in the text that the code was only for this date

  19. was it one of the ones where shows were added after signup?

  20. Yep! I still didn't think it would work. Guess I should have tried it at the beginning but I didn't want to risk my place in line the first time 🤡

  21. Moving slowly…there was someone further down in the comments who got tickets in the 200 section for 6/17. I think price was 169 before fees but don’t quote me!

  22. I feel like it’s going slower now? my patience is shot 😅

  23. Lol it will be a miracle if I get to the finish line before my 2:30 meeting 🫠

  24. this thread is a mess lol it’s so early in the day and you’re already throwing in the towel ok🫠😂

  25. Haha I guess I'm pessimistic but also got the email and text 7 hours later 😂

  26. Hours can be extremely long and residents are often forced to work double shifts. I'd say if you can see him once a week for a date that would be great, but it's probably more likely every other week or so.

  27. Wow I’m like 5’2 and 120 lbs and I buy like Large in everything and that still feels too tight 💀

  28. I'm 5 ft and 120 lbs, I look visibly overweight for my size and I look like a sausage bursting out of it's casing when trying to fit into a small 😵‍💫

  29. I'm 5 ft, 120 lbs and an XS is often too tight for me, I'm typically a medium/small

  30. Your sweater is making me crave fries like the potato dragon I am 🥔🐉

  31. This is peak humor for me, I rewatched this clip 10 times in a row when I first saw it 😂

  32. My bias line is Namjoon, Jungkook and Taehyung ❤️ What would be their name??? Anyone have any ideas?

  33. He is so damn fine in this shoot. Easily my favorite magazine spread of Joon 😍

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