1. ‘East Jerusalem’ hasn’t existed for over 50 years. That dotted line you’re seeing on Google Maps isn’t an actual thing. Jerusalem is just one continuous city, under one municipality.

  2. haha understood! wasn't too sure as I've heard from some that "east jerusalem" was harder to transport to but this comment helped clarify it's all a part of Jerusalem.

  3. You have trains going to Jerusalem all day long, and I think once an hour at night. Start with that. Then it seems like your hotel is not too far from a light rail station, so if you don't mind walking a bit the will be the cheapest option. If not, get a cab from Jerusalm train station (Yango, Gett, etc or stop one at the street). I wouldn't pay for a taxi from the airport all the way to Jerusalem, it's very expensive.

  4. thanks for the tip! saw this right before arriving. the train worked out perfectly for our situation as well as walking. happy to be here and grateful for all the help from this sub!

  5. You just need to check in at the counter so they can verify your passport. Common on international flights.

  6. Replied and sold last fog hoodie!

  7. absolutely, definite supple leather and great materials. fk doesn't disappoint.

  8. I've got size S supreme tees if that's of any interest!

  9. I have the RW TS1s in hand and made a comparison with FK for what it's worth:

  10. M.D. Harvard graduate with the bloody drip 🫡

  11. Great comparison man, both these batches are obviously great options.

  12. Haha what's funny is FK is still better than those by a large margin. RW just takes it to the next level.

  13. I've got J Balvins in size 10-11 for $65 shipped to NY if that's potentially of interest to you!

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  15. Hey man! Not anything I can find. Just more or less something I found cheaply discounted (300¥ batch discounted) that I could price it at this.

  16. Hey man, I've got some fragment lows in a size 12 if it's of any interest to you :)

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