1. Bro I actually thought this was the episode itself it looks so authentic! 💀💀

  2. Wonderful ! This sub needs more dark side Katara fan arts🩸😀

  3. Just google “Distorted Reality Katara”.

  4. Just checked it out.. Looks badass🩸

  5. I pray for this drop on every opening... :D lucky maaan

  6. Wow that’s a nice catch right there!!!

  7. ,,Don’t hurt your friends Katara! And don’t let them hurt each other.” 😉

  8. Damm I dream of this on every chest opening :D

  9. Since when was echidna taller then emilia O.o.

  10. I’m pretty late, but i picked her up right after the latest nerfs, since she was always banned in ranked games. In the beginning I felt useless for few games, but as i grasped her kit I would say that she’s devastating mage after learning her mechanics properly. I do agree on early game btw especially in first 3 lvls u are like a minion :D.

  11. I'm glad you agree! She really is quite useless early game and she can barely help out her team in before the 5 minute mark anyways so might as well use that time to focus on farming and get her items (especially Izanami) then she starts hurting like hell.

  12. Yes exactly. One flaw that noticed is that pre 6 her wave clear is very weak and she often has to farm under tower if enemy mid is pushing well. This makes you unable to gank other lanes without losing cs. So pinging quite often is essential in letting your team know when enemy mid is ganking, especially in this early lvls.

  13. Aww what a familiar name I see :D

  14. Do u play solo? My advice would be to find good team mates and rank up together or else there’s no hope

  15. Doesn't always work because I have a group of friends who are all good (they reached superstar last season) and there are times they get 11 losing streaks

  16. Well I’m coming from my own experience. I was also stuck in elite getting trolls and afks . Found a decent team mates and we ranked up till chall so yeah. Loses do happen but at least you won’t lose for free like it happens when you get teamed up with random ints.

  17. Whoaaa!! This is wonderful ! Good job keep it up👍🏻👍🏻

  18. Which Echidna did Clind mean when saying that she has no witch factor?The coffin one clearly does not, but somehow dream Dona and all the witches still poses authorities so I wonder is it due to some kind of magic or wtf is that ?

  19. The new dark slayer looks like pokemon ...

  20. I've had the exact question about sudden whale disappearance ever since watching that episode :>

  21. Congratz dude, especially considering how terrible the community is at high rank... I'm stuck at veteran 2 getting troll teams every 2 games :D....

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