Jon Stewart on the collapse of FTX. "How is this different than Ken Griffin running a hedge fund at Citadel and also being the the most gigantic market maker that we have? And... who's the biggest donor to all kinds of politicians? It's Ken Griffin." Starting at 23:00. Link in comments.

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  1. Yes it sounds like it’s what you’re looking for. No need to go all out when it’s the specific look you care about

  2. Watching this with the sound down, I thought the two guys were initially scared off by the pug.

  3. You can see the man’s hands shaking after he put shots through the door. Why resort to this degree

  4. First thought, “god this music is awful, absolutely terrible… I like how they cut the very small side first before getting into full size chunks.”

  5. Yep, just need actual public transport and I’d probably use it now

  6. They’re seeding the public to be ready when everything goes to super awful shit flood. ;) Buy nd hold

  7. There’s no way you haven’t moved over to Global Offense at some point? Right… Right?!

  8. Ah yes. Got me indeed, I’m referring to that op is in no way the one who did the pinstripe aforementioned.

  9. And the silence after it happened, her friends trying not to laugh because it'll be equally to admitting that she's fucking fat.

  10. I love this compilation every time I see it. Especially some of those behind the back/head claw shots

  11. I mean doesn’t it fit Incel Ideology to support members of society who can’t/don’t work?

  12. Some kind of expert incel you are huh? Knowing explicitly what these niche grouts of mental illness relate to huh?

  13. I should of added that to begin with but. I want to expand on when did this term or group really appear? I mean I know they don’t like women or have been rejected, never had relations/sex etc. but I don’t think there’s ever been a presence in the USA of this attitude. Just good ol fashion misogyny prior

  14. Huge pr move. People get chippy when they hear Disney and chair-y-table acts

  15. That is one of the flicks I have ever seen!

  16. That blew my mind dude fully jumps on it's back and it didn't budge, and that's not even a big bear lol

  17. At least 600 pounds is all I was thinking. If he pushes you down and decides to go for a snack that’s a wrap

  18. Yeah! Brodie Smith! He's quite the polarizing personality in the disc golf world (also competed in the amazing race back in the day lol) you either love him or hate him. Makes some good YouTube content!

  19. I’m neutral he’s just kind of a goof but I hear nothing but good things about the guy

  20. Sorry you disagree with us allowing one of the posts you linked (the top one). I agree that the bottom one should have come down (and it is now I believe).

  21. Crybad, being on the mod team for some time now; what is your stance on macro economic posts being allowed on the sub?!

  22. Oh you want to start with a hard question do you? lol

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