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  1. S_Z says:

    Honestly this week’s fit the bill: Poundstone, Gondelman, Skyler Higley. I like Tom Papa a lot too but some people here seem to disagree.

  2. S_Z says:

    Great find. The only connection I can make is that he’s notoriously hard to get ahold of. If a director wants to work with him, there’s a phone number to call and leave a voicemail. If he likes your pitch, you might get a call back. No agents, just an old answering machine. As a closeted neoluddite myself, I respect it.

  3. S_Z says:

    My all time favorite MC

  4. S_Z says:

    He’s the Director of Operations and is respected by his direct reports for his expertise and no-nonsense leadership style.

  5. S_Z says:

    I hired a guy to come clean out the dryer and ducts and it was fast and reasonably priced. Worth it for the peace of mind.

  6. S_Z says:

    I’ve only tried Bokksu but was very pleased by the selection

  7. Wonderful post. May I ask the name of some small bushes you’re fond of?

  8. S_Z says:

    My azalea is quite nice

  9. My kids are obsessed with this show. I had to make custom costumes for Halloween so the fam could go as the characters from the show. My youngest wants to go to wing kingdom for her birthday and I don’t have the heart to tell her it doesn’t exists, so we are going to take her to hooters and hope she doesn’t notice.

  10. S_Z says:

    As long as you drive her there in a golf cart

  11. 19 year old chi - starting to think he might outlive me, or the universe or maybe he is really an animagus?

  12. S_Z says:

    Oh no, I have two 17yo chis who have spontaneously un-housebroken themselves. Vet says it’s not medical. They’re just mean cusses. I can’t do another 2+ years!

  13. S_Z says:

    My 30s was a nightmare and I couldn’t wake up. My child developed cancer* and it was somehow not even the worst thing to happen to our family in that period.

  14. Thanks for this, good to know he’s okay! Hope no major issues for him in the long term

  15. S_Z says:

    He’s … not okay. Did you read the laundry list of life changing injuries?

  16. Guilt is a feeling that arises when we feel our actions are inconsistent with our values. It can also be a way for the ego to protect our sense of self in order to appear more tied to those values than we actually are, both intrinsically and socially.

  17. S_Z says:

    OP, this comment contains everything you need to begin sorting through your feelings. I recommend a pen and paper and an uninterrupted half hour to journal and reflect on it.

  18. *second. His first one was for 2012 and he was indeed laughed off the stage.

  19. Those were my same sentiments back then so pencil me in as

  20. S_Z says:

    You and me both. Fortunately I wasn’t as openly smug about it (though “hair today, gone tomorrow” is pretty funny)

  21. Where did you and your wife go on holidays this summer?

  22. S_Z says:

    I took my wife to Indonesia for our anniversary.

  23. Thanks. I hope it's only a few week for me too.

  24. S_Z says:

    If you get stuck with the fog, consider a 3-month course of Vinpocetine. I juggle a lot of details at work and this stuff helped me tremendously.

  25. S_Z says:


  26. In my experience, the churches that use the little cups in the tray like that are serving grape juice instead of actual wine.

  27. S_Z says:

    That’s been my experience too and largely through the efforts of one man with the last name of

  28. S_Z says:

    Y’all are getting handshakes?

  29. S_Z says:

    I just finished it too, like 10 mins ago. Jolly good. Adventure Time is still #1 in my book but RS made me laugh out loud more. Sickest references in the universe.

  30. Kenan needs to bring Pierre Escargot to SNL. 🙏

  31. S_Z says:

    At first I thought you meant Jean K Jean. Bring back Jean K Jean

  32. S_Z says:

    If you haven’t seen it recently, that show holds up quite well

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