1. The automatic email is likely from an address that is not monitored.

  2. I believe base goes to stats and pure is an actual damage inflicted buff

  3. No. They both increase your stats. Base increase applies before pure and directly affects the number you see in your character's stats. Pure is applied after every other buff but it also increases your overall stats (like Strike Atk).

  4. yea i dont think so, you know what happens if he was able to DC you? he then has to fight the remaining bot. by how far the screen is zoomed into gogeta hair the player is about to hit him with a strike card causing him to lose anyway.

  5. I have an Android phone and when I play PvP I always put it in "Game Focus Mode". You can't do anything to exit the game while playing, you can't perform certain actions like taking a screenshot with a gesture, you can't see notifications or the drop-down menu and so on. The only thing you're allowed to is playing.

  6. what team did you use to Auto clear all 79 stages? My team keeps dying on stage 72 and I don't feel like playing through 28 stages manually

  7. You can put it on Autoplay. Even though the Autoclear fails, the Autoplay is more than enough for me even up to 95+ stages.

  8. you'd think they'd translate manually when they have a dedicated team for International version...

  9. I meant that from the Japanese text you have no way of knowing the number of characters, so what they did translating was probably the best option. Keeping it as generic as possible.

  10. Put RED Pan in the leader slot if you want to maximize your ability bonuses.

  11. Too broken, if Sagas From the Movies weren't such a good team then this guy wouldn't be too much of an issue imo since Pan and Beast combo is already good, and you have this mofo to join the broken duo. Imo I would've taken off his rising rush mechanic and he's gonna be easier to deal with.

  12. And now we'll have to while it away waiting for his eventual powercreep

  13. Kind of true, and I'm saying this as someone who pulled UGB. I'm not a fan of PVP. The last time I genuinely enjoyed playing PVP was last Legends Festival when the tag Blue Boys dropped. In my four years of playing this game, I don't think I've ever felt more braindead playing with/against a character in my life. I've lost to BR 13-16 players who don't know how to play properly because Gogeta Blue just handed them their win, which is especially if their Gogeta was at high stars. Flip the spectrum: I've beaten legitimately terrifying teams with relatively no effort because Gogeta Blue just goes "yeah you won't play anymore".

  14. Yes, you can click on the adventure and see what kind of rewards it can yield

  15. I mean tbh, I don’t think much people go onto the job list, almost everybody just uses “Auto adventure”

  16. True. But it never hurts knowing what could potentially be obtained. Same for daily treasure chest and treasure battle.

  17. It was in need of an overhaul the day it was introduced in the game. Slightly changes have been made, but it still remain a nonsense mechanic

  18. Man was recklessly charging and sidestepping immediately. Got caught 3 times with same play.

  19. I think you got that right. He started two combos and got two of my units, nothing I could do about it. He probably thought he had won the match since I hadn't dealt any damage at that point and was on my last unit. I then manage to predict the first combo drop and got lucky with the second one.

  20. It depends on the formula used to compute the damage. They may stack or they may be applied one after the other. In any case it would be either 20% or very close to it.

  21. Future gohan still provides so much for his team to this day. T&V are more selfish and they miss the mark of doing enough to justify it.

  22. GT is best team right now ,then hybrid then future.

  23. I completely agree with everything you said. I love LMS units and I try to include as many as possible in my teams. Not really a big fan of support units, but that's what I have available right now.

  24. He's the unit I've most trouble dealing with. I don't have LF4Ku Zenkai and Rosé is ALWAYS guaranteed killing one of my units.

  25. I haven’t read everything in the comments but if you want an autopilot mod mechjeb2 is absolutely amazing (I’m not amazing at the game so i like to use it) if you want modding help ask someone else

  26. But if you want the extra challenge you don’t have to install mechjeb, it can automate your ascent and give you a near perfect orbit, it can automatically rendezvous and do extremely satisfying automated docking + even more

  27. Yea that’s what I’m doing. I just made it for fun and I like using it instead of pan and beasthan all the time lol

  28. Yes, I said crit damage in my comment. I am well aware that's what he does. It isn't sizeable enough to give up an entire bench slot.

  29. If he, as I guess, is planning on keeping the tag4 on the field the whole time, it makes sense.

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