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  1. How to attract women more than I already do

  2. All of Ruby is actually just one giant Fairytale that is being told to some child

  3. Probably some ugly creature (I literally don’t know the correct answer.)

  4. Clearly the Skill Shop Robot is the strongest

  5. Yes but no. It’s legendary in terms of a Gacha sense. Being the highest rarity in the cube pulls you get. But outside of that it’s really not that special. If anything it’s rare cuz nobody uses it. But yeah it’s not that special. Plus you can probably just buy it with the coins if you’re willing to pay for them with real money

  6. Maybe it’s just me. But I feel like Tyrian would start singing along while still trying to murder Steven

  7. The one that required Hawkeyes bike. I found out the issue but it’s not giving me gold bricks

  8. Could it be "Climbing up the wall" that you are thinking of?

  9. I checked but it’s not. That’s when their swinging. The one I’m looking for is like quiet and has small what sounds like chimes? Kinda like the regular little ones you get in the Alicization OSTs

  10. I may not know what OST you refer to, but that is one of my favorite scenes of the whole anime 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Yeah. I like that scene too. I was just wondering what OST plays in the back of it. Cuz you can hear quiet music during it but I can’t tell which OST it is if it is one

  12. Heroes united if you count that for obvious reasons.

  13. It will raise the level and sacred arts level to 70 for the first dlc and 110 iirc for dlc 2

  14. You're better off farming the level 200 Aegisky whiteshadow mutant beast. You can get around 52 to 60 white S shards. They sell for 450 each can be cleared in mere moments and rematched immediately when you open the chest cutting down on loading screens.

  15. Yeah I noticed that when I went to sell stuff I don’t need. I noticed selling a lot of shards is really good but wasn’t sure if I needed them. I know I need black ones. But was hesitant to sell the white ones. But if what you say is true then I can just earn them back easily

  16. Yeah the chest usually contains 12 to 26 S shards but can drop M shards too. If necessary just quick match with randoms and snag a few wayfarers from stronger players to use when farming

  17. I already have 3 level 199 wayfarers luckily. So it’ll be easy. Plus I’m 126. Which isn’t too high especially since I haven’t got too good gear. But yeah. Thanks

  18. Quite a lot. But honestly you don’t need to do them. The main bonus out of them is money and it’s not that much. Maybe if you want extra XP just cuz. But honestly not very worth doing

  19. first half you mean the first 12 episodes of season 3?

  20. First 24. The human empire arc. The first 12 go up to where Kirito and Eugeo enter Cardinals library then enter the cathedral. 24 is the entire first half of season 3. War Of Underworld is still classed as season 3. Though plenty of people confuse it as a 4th season. But no. It’s the second half of Alicization so it’s season 3.

  21. wait soo if war of underworld is classified as the same season as season 3 why did Netflix and other sites label it as a different season

  22. It was split into 3 cours, Human empire, War Of Underworld part 1 and War of Underworld part 2. The first arc came out in the anime in 2017, then War Of Underworld part 1 released during 2019, then War Of Underworld part 2 releasing in 2020. Most places view separate releases as it’s own season. But no. It’s all Alicization. It’s just split up.

  23. Galvanize is a skill that fills up your arts gauge. I equip on all of my party characters, so i switch to them, use galvanize, RR, switch to another, galvanize RR etc. Doing this gives 4 full bars to use RR

  24. So I apparently don’t have it. So which skill do I have to do to unlock it?

  25. It's one of the last skills you unlock in the scout skill tree. You have to unlock these trees by interacting with certain statues. Look it up on youtube on how to unlock the EX skill trees and you will find all of them.

  26. Yeah. I got it now. Should be a big help

  27. Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t see it until just now. But anyways I play on console. PS5/4

  28. If it's the one for the incarnation shard tickets then they are beside a carriage in north centoria. They are to the right of the entrance of the market street with all the vendors.

  29. Outside of what’s already been said the second DLC personally feels worse than the first one.

  30. I heard fast travel changed in the last update.

  31. Not too sure as I haven’t played in a while. But I don’t think it has as I think people are still saying it’s every 20 floors

  32. The disappointment comes from the fact that WoU seems to be the worst adaptation of any part of the series up to that point, including Fairy Dance. That comparison alone should tell you something. It doesn't help that Alicization came after Season 2, which was probably the best-adapted part of the series.

  33. This is just furthering my point though. If you’re complaining about half the things that were cut then you were hoping for a 1-1 adaptation. Which frankly no matter how much time you add in there’s just too much.

  34. That is a fallacy to say that it automatically means I want 1:1. Get the basic scene, and if some of the minor specifics aren't there, fine. But that's just it, it has to be minor stuff to not cause a problem. And as you even admitted, PoH's backstory wasn't handled so well.

  35. Half the complaints also come from people who just don’t like Asuna as a character to begin with. Asuna is a popular character but plenty of fans surprisingly have many things against her. Even wishing for the characters death. It’s the same thing as people thinking of her as no more than a damsel in season 1.

  36. History of Trunks: The good timeline

  37. Yeah. It’s definitely not the most comforting thing to exist in the show. But it’s not the worst either. By no means is it good but it’s not bad. It’s proof of how bad the subject really is. Reki has also apparently stated (though I don’t think I can find the source of this info) that he doesn’t intend to do anymore of it.

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