1. If anything we should see more of Kirito’s family. I mean sure we had that moment with his family and Alice. But I think we should get more of it.

  2. Honestly idk how ppl beat those raid dungeons n shit back when level cap was 50 lol

  3. Good understanding of the game and good gear I guess. Honestly I struggle with it myself. Real complicated sometimes. But I work with what I can. But yeah. I certainly couldn’t beat the raids back at the 50 level cap. Anyone who could was impressive. But yeah.

  4. Dunno if it was very good but no problem

  5. If Sachi did love Kirito. I believe she thought of him more as a close friend or even that of resembling her father. If I remember correctly there’s literally a line in there where she states something like Kirito’s kindness reminds her of her caring father. Something along those lines. So no. I definitely don’t think it’s romantic feelings.

  6. Look at Kirito’s’s going all over the place and has a long part stuck in the ground

  7. where tho i am in stage 40 and cant seem to find it

  8. The save point outside the dungeon. Or just any save point inside

  9. Not quite evenely spread on 4 edges, but will be on the edges. One will be by the one corner of map near the abandoned road bridge while the other 3 are not in corners but not necassarily the center of an edge. One is near the Mjolrn flying bot, another is a bit of distance from one dungeon near an edge, and the other edge somewhere between start of map and Lost Gate. Not sure how to make that more clear, but if confused just travel along the edges and you will eventually run into the 4 groups

  10. Aight. I’ll give it a try when I get there. Thanks.

  11. oh forgot to mention when doing Argo's quest, the first chest can be easily be reached with Dual Orbital (sword+gun skill) to cross the gap. You can also do a double UFG swing but that is a bit trickier. Luckily the other 2 quests from Agro before Lost gate can simply be found by searching thouroughly.

  12. Interesting. Not sure if I have that skill. But I’ll make sure to try.

  13. Late reply, but sure. Yanking them off would be a much easier solution, though.

  14. Maybe not now. But it’s advanced technology that is connected to a users brainwaves. If it were as simple as taking it off and not getting microwaved then you’d possibly put them in a permanent coma I feel like.

  15. Nvm. I literally just beat it now. But I’ll keep the post up just in case anything else happens.

  16. Well it’s stated in the show that quirks tend to come in at a young age. It’s shown in like the first episode it’s a genetic thing. Most people tend to get one but there’s a chance you won’t.

  17. Then he can scan them but he needs to let mutant safe guard be deactivated.

  18. Yeah but in terms of ability would he gain their quirk or would he gain the peak of someone with a quirk. So the strongest quirk

  19. Trust me…it’s worse over here for the U.K. Netflix has removed season 1 and 2 and all there is left is Alicization. I presume it’s licensing and maybe that the first 2 seasons aren’t giving the show more views anymore. But still it kinda sucks

  20. We recently got it. But from that we lost season 2. Also WoU is still season 3.just a second half. Netflix and other things list it as 4

  21. Yea let’s hope we do get a explanation on what they are doing. However now that I think about it won’t there be a possibility sine the original release date was set around spring that it could come out during summer or early autumn

  22. Possibly. But I doubt it. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes until winter. If they haven’t even announced anything at the moment it wouldn’t surprise me if they either cancel the DLC all together which would be quite unfortunate but seeable. Or they just completely forgot about it so they still have a lot to work on for it.

  23. Agree that is possible. Because 8 months have passed sine the Bloom the forget me not dlc have came out and sine then they released the second free dlc. 4 month after they gave out the second free dlc. I doubt that they have not been work on the paid one sine the first one. They have technical had 8 months to work on it

  24. Yeah. They could just be taking a break from working on it. But would still love to get some news on it at some point though.

  25. I get like this quite a bit too. Me and my partner tend to message pretty quick sometimes. If she hasn’t replied in about an hour I just assume she’s busy or asleep. Since most the time we don’t say when we sleep so we just leave it to assumptions.

  26. For some reason I can’t send you pictures but at the end of the battle when they show the results and they give you your rank, At the bottom of the screen it says “Battle result details” and if you press X or square (depending on which console you’re on) it’ll pull up the criteria on how you were graded and it’ll basically tell you why you’re not getting S rank… LMK if that helped

  27. So I found out that it’s the QTE’s but my main issue is that at the end with the QTE where you have to time pressing the button in the diamond it just doesn’t work. It always does usually and was even working fine before. Just suddenly yesterday it started acting like this

  28. Well I’m not actually sure what you mean by not working but if you press it the second it touches the diamond you’ll be fine

  29. Yeah. It worked. So at least now I have the first half done. Second half should be fun then

  30. Nah. Entertainment arc is much longer than Mugen Train. Mugen train was a short story in the manga. So making it a movie was much easier. They then made it into a first half of season two if you really want that. But all in all the movie was a lot better for it

  31. Go to the place Rulid is at. Spawn outside the cave and go to the big pointy thing. It’s on there. Collect the wild rose and go back to the spawn you came from. Go into the cave and come back out. The rose will respawn. I’ve been using this trick for ages

  32. Literally just had this issue myself. Me and my partner were talking and I mace a mistake. So I wanted to leave. I came back after them telling me not to go and I decided to open up on how I feel as though I’m not worthy of her and how she should be with someone else, I told her I’ve had these thoughts for ages now. But she reassured me on those things. Saying how much she loves me and that she wouldn’t wanna be with anyone else. Stuff like that.

  33. Yeah but barely any honestly. For a beginner side quests are decent. But like once you get your level to a certain point you’re just not getting enough from them

  34. I'm at asuna's apostle quest but yea. Also wherr can i get stacia blessing?

  35. They’re given through the SAO shop. Some were also given out daily a few months back. To access them check your items list. They’ll be somewhere in there.

  36. I'm its keeps saying I can do it and it's kinda getting me mad lol

  37. What level are you currently? Best advice would be to take the advice in the comments of this post others have given to me for grinding if you’re low levelled. The boss is around level 105 if you do it on normal difficulty. So anything past that should overpower it. I just constantly spammed final resolution while playing very cautiously. In terms of gear I can’t entirely help you there.

  38. Ah. Well just keep trying I guess. If your game is on a high difficulty when you fight it lower it to normal. It’ll make it a little easier. Not much but it’ll work. I know it sounds cheap but it’s one way of trying to assist

  39. I actually tried testing this for Eugeo but putting the Green blue rose sword (forgot the name) as the visual sword only gives a regular finish art instead of Enhance Armament. Maybe I’m wrong and did it wrong but it seemed that way to me

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