1. He doesn't look very happy about it.

  2. He's trauma bonded to his mom and siblings, meaning this is what he knows, so it is normalized in his brain as "family". All you can do is support and suggest therapy for him. He'd gonna have to unravel a lot of stuff to get to the place where he realizes how effed up their behavior is & how he enables them to abuse him.

  3. He's living at home to pay off his car. No rent, no bills just a few groceries. And what's his appetite? Does he shop and eat half in a day or two? Not anywhere near enough information. She said that he said.

  4. If he's 23 and still living at home, he needs a good slap.

  5. What’s the story here? How come you have these random photos but no idea where they’re firm, and what do you need them for?

  6. Who the heck is Morgan? I must be blacking out during parts of this season.

  7. I don't remember anything. Just that she might not be dead.

  8. I'm afraid so too. Red should find out who was tracking Liz and deal with the quickly. The Agnes actress is cute and very good but I didn't like the whole baby storyline and so still don't. And Red and Egg Lady have no chemistry. She found him in the depths of despair and helped him. He should love her for that but they are not convincing lovers. All of this is just my opinion, of course.

  9. Mr. Kaplan is coming back too.

  10. I wish Tom Keen would rise from the ashes, hidden for years by his mother.🤣🤣

  11. I only have to complete 12 houses for a prize in my other game but couldn't find a list of completion in the game. Odd. This has helped me but I'm wondering if they count stables and bookstore as houses? Thanks again for info.

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