1. Classic runecrafting, mainly when you avoid the abyss since it turns all methods into the same boring edgeville run. I'm talking nats, astrals, wraths and especially the new blood altar.

  2. Totally agree. The one thing that really turns me off from it is the god awful xp rates. I was enjoying doing blood crafting at the true blood altar using fairy rings, though I still want to get the rest of the outfit from GotR.

  3. I've actually been avoiding Twitter since I didn't want to see spoilers of the show. Guess that worked against me.

  4. On Hololive offcial twitter account they annouced that the vod will be delayed (I guess they either had to edit something like crowdshots maybe and or technical difficulties I guess). Just be patient will probably take some more hours before VOD will be up.

  5. That's good to know, just glad it's not an issue on my end. Thank you!

  6. I like Zeah as a part of the world, but damn, I also like your guild locations. Draynor Farming Guild sounds lit.

  7. This should probably be in the main Hololive subreddit, but as a fellow sapling, I, too, greatly appreciate her streams.

  8. I'm in the US, and I've only ever known May Lay as the correct pronunciation. Seeing so many other people say Mee Lee, I'm wondering if it's a regional thing.

  9. What platebody and legs are these? I honestly wouldn't be able to tell what any of that outfit is if I didn't just get the Smithing Gloves last night.

  10. Looks like some sort of weird Fairy radio. The BGM has to come from somewhere, right?

  11. After the first 3 tried to fight back, the rest learned to look the other way.

  12. Man, SOTE is one of my favorite quests in the game.

  13. If there’s zero counterplay to something that’s not a “mechanic” lol

  14. It's not always an interesting mechanic, but there is counterplay to it: healing.

  15. other MMOs have dedicated healer classes though?

  16. Fair point, OSRS isn't quite comparable

  17. Sort of... He was mockingly calling Jim gay and saying either:

  18. Now I'm curious to know which 1 she thought was busty.

  19. Wait, bathing 3 days a time also sounds really bad.

  20. ACB so I can use it to jumpscare people in the wilderness. It's already jarring hearing it now. Imagine hearing it when it's not even supposed to be in the game.

  21. get bored at wave 27 and browse reddit while the ranger is stuck behind north pillar and click the game every five minutes until I'm mentally prepared to continue the red prison

  22. You can log out in between waves so you don't need to keep clicking.

  23. Yeah but that means redoing the wave unless you finish it first

  24. If you press logout in the middle of a wave, it won't log you out immediately. It'll give you a message saying that the waves will pause after you finish the wave you're on. Then, after you finish it, you can log out. The next wave will start whenever you log back in.

  25. I am once again shilling Monkey Badness

  26. This feels more SFW than her normal outfit.

  27. Taking a screenshot with your HP and prayer not full is the equivalent of a phone screenshot with your battery low.

  28. Oh damn, I guess I missed it. What does 73 refer to?

  29. Yes, but I'd be a little worried trying it on your current hardware.

  30. Monkey Badness (one of my favorites of the post-osrs songs)

  31. I wouldn't say it's immoral, but it is technically against the rules. They wouldn't have known if you didn't make a post about it. It's too late now, Jagex is coming to kill you.

  32. Gz on getting the cape! After having spent the entire month of January in the Inferno getting mine, I love seeing stuff like this.

  33. I don't know if anyone explicitly stated this yet, but if you play with mouse or controller, you can aim without moving and it'll count towards the achievement. This gives you a lot more options than just characters like Sana.

  34. College had some tiny hostel rooms man, I hated that constant reminder that I wasnt getting any action at the time.

  35. This really validated my decision to go to community college and not stay in a dorm. If I had to hear that every night, I would've killed myself.

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