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  1. Fellow Part 5 OST enjoyer, I had Giornos theme as ringtone for years

  2. Did anyone else get Tollywood as top genre for some reason? I’ve never listened to any Telugu songs (even songs from dubbed movies like RRR) but somehow got Tollywood. I’m kinda guessing Spotify mistakingly tagged Kollywood as Tollywood 🗿🗿

  3. Same. The only telugu song I listened to in top 100 was Oo Anata Va lol. But tollywood somehow came up as one of the top genres.

  4. Oh yeah Spotify defo marked Tamil songs as Tollywood lmaoooo

  5. You told me that I’m not discussing video games when I’m talking about a bug the video game has and I asked if you even understand what im speaking about, if your intellectual, mature and superior brain of yours can’t understand.

  6. I told you that you're not discussing a video game, because what you're doing is ranting like a child over something that is next to irrelevant.

  7. Damn are you a kid who loves calling others immature to feel like a accomplished grown up, because I fail to comprehend how can someone not understand what the other person says again and again.. and saying stuff like “are you high” “are you on drugs” like a Twitter user whose best comeback in any argument is “L Ratio”.. Wah Wah Wah go start crying and maybe even go out outside following your own advice and cry to everyone who passes by and call them immature and kid because you’re clearly in need of help.

  8. My first thought was Genshin Impact based on the new trailer we just got, but it’s definitely not that.

  9. Kingdom Hearts is a good guess considering KH4 might revolve around

  10. Becouse you can use both of them. Rolling for zhongli gives you some quality but no new teams. When all you mentioned are giveing you more teams and more in terms of gameplay

  11. Looked through your profile and seems your average day in life is spent through picking fights with random redditors, damn no wonder all your shit is wrong cause you seek validation by rage baiting people since it’s the only interaction you get in your average day. What a waste of time this conversation was to me, making a bowl of cereal is more productive for a person than ever speaking to you

  12. Didn't zhongli not just create the stone forest, but also raised the entirety of liyue from underwater? I don't remember where i heard that from but there's a theory about that alright, and also didn't venti terraform the entirety of mondstat? Like all the mountains and stuff all gone, from the tundras to a beautiful green meadow

  13. Yup Liyue was full of waters until Rex Lapis raised the land (Stone Tablet Compilations)

  14. Idk how to get it, it’s in my inventory (for the section of Quest items) it’s called Stone Tablet Compilations

  15. I know guys are dry but didn’t know they were THAT dry until that day lmao

  16. That made me chuckle, but it also made me think. One guy actually sat down and typed in every possible number to get to talk to a girl for like 3 seconds lmao. Unmailaye namma aatkal romba kaanju poirukanga.

  17. Yeah it truly baffles me, bro might’ve had a main character syndrome where he might’ve think girls will fall for him if he sends them msgs outta nowhere 🗿🗿

  18. I don't know what's with SK hate in this sub. I'm not a fan but his jokes hit well with me. I hated Doctor for they fucked up the story and the ending was absolute disaster but I laughed my face off with my friends at the theater. Similarly Prince didn't have a good story, jokes were laughable though and SK's acting wasnt bad either.

  19. Damn ya hated Doctor’s ending? I think its one of the best SK films ending after Velaikaran. The protag throwing his always-composed behaviour away and went trigger happy on his enemies was kinda lit imo

  20. Ser neengala? Didn't we have a discussion a while back whwre I said something and you'd mentioned you posted something similar and got downvoted to oblivion

  21. Yeah When I said Tiruchitrambalam is not worth the hype lmao

  22. Because it would come right after their first night or sth.. in tamil cinema songs are normally fillers to insinuate what’s going on between the couple

  23. Style is the song that comes after their first night. This song comes after Shriya stops the train that was about to hit Rajini

  24. As a Shriya fan I got offended nothing much xD

  25. Yeah I get it. I too would absolutely trash anyone who says anything negative about my idols. Understandable, have a great day 👍

  26. He also voiced Prompto from Final Fantasy XV who pretty much as the same story as Scara except he’s not evil lmao

  27. Yeah, but scrolling through the handbook to find the right entry takes forever.

  28. The list starts with all of the bosses. Filtering it changes nothing.

  29. Huh? Filtering it makes it easier to navigate since only bosses are shown.. idk if it’s harder to navigate on PC

  30. First of all, you are not missing out on anything. I think it was a bit overhyped. I watched it in theatres. I liked the movie & the song Varaha Roopam really hits. I m not saying it’s a bad movie but I didn’t find it extraordinary. I didn’t get any goosebumps, I wasn’t teary eyed — like many said during its release.

  31. Sounds like a you problem, I just wanna watch the movie regardless it’s good or bad

  32. Then you can watch it on Prime. Only the song is changed.

  33. You know, that’s actually a great idea I’m gonna do exactly that

  34. Idk why but most of the songs on Midnights have weird and underwhelming mixing that makes the whole song so unpleasant to hear. I’m not a music expert but I do feel it’s weird from a perspective of an average listener. The elephant in the room is Labyrinth, the song is so good but absolutely ruined by the weird ‘cat stepping on keyboard’ trumpet instrumental, I just skip the song since the sound is so cringey for me and really wish someone makes a version with those trumpets removed. By ‘underwhelming’, some of the songs could’ve been great if the instrumentals were spiced up. The songs are Question..? and Vigilante Shit, theres no ‘punch’ when it goes to the chorus of Question that sounds like something’s missing, Vigilante Shit wouldn’t have become super boring just on the second time hearing it if had heavy and dark synths like IDSB.

  35. Damn I shouldn’t have eaten that pack of old biscuits I found in an abandoned shack, now I’m transported to a parallel dimension where

  36. My dude the first half is extremely Zhongli-phobic, 2 anti-shield enemies at the same half. Just put him in the second half

  37. I really want his theme to have Bohemian Rhapsody in it. Specifically a more metal and japanese remix of it resembling his boss theme. Would be super cool, for reference I imagine it being similar to this

  38. Morax not dating Guizhong is a CIA psyop to appease self-inserters and fujos. I support Guili like a true patriot

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