1. Get a life , preferably one with facts and not just oh she missed the last bus .really.Send me stats on what made her different from previous mayors ,standard for her is different not equal.Prayers

  2. Latoya go to sleep, you're drunk.

  3. The kids doing this are obviously not armed but it takes only one guy with TWO guns to turn this property damage and theft situation into a violent crime situation. White Guy Shoots Unarmed Teen is a great headline and will not create any backlash or escalate things further I a situation where the authorities are hardly equiped to handle the current state of affairs.

  4. “obviously not armed” how out of touch can you be, these kids aim directly at the front door of the house adjacent to whatever car they’re breaking into, it’s been caught on tape and posted here multiple times now.

  5. Used to hang with some kids that played for Paris FC and competed/trained with the PSG academy guys, the general consensus among all of them was that “balle au pied, le meilleur de loin…c’est Thiago Motta”

  6. Yeah it's so stupid, she isn't known for being very good at managing stuff too

  7. She’s the face of the socialist party that just pulled in 1.75% of the votes cast in the last presidential election. To say she “isn’t known for being very good at managing stuff” is putting it extremely lightly. She isn’t fit to run the late shift of a boulangerie let alone the capital of the country.

  8. Has anyone done the math on how much cheaper it is to ship one by yourself? Need to ship something anyway to SC and wondering if it wouldn’t be smarter to add 2 king cakes to the shipment rather than drop the 70ish bones per shipped cake.

  9. Probably the same group that drove into the Tastee Donuts on Broad this morning to try

  10. Paying AT&T like $94 for 1GB symmetrical ( upload | download) and unlimited data. Service is steady and I think in 2.5 years had only failed one day (excluding Ida). Edit: and you get HBO Max!

  11. I would jump on this in a heart beat if I could. When is AT&T fiber coming to Touro for christ

  12. Hanks aren’t “the best” but they’re an absolute bargain—I have three and think they were all a good value.

  13. Why would she be slamming a shovel on some shit-tier asphalt wearing a hi-vis jacket for DaGram™ today if she was resigning tomorrow?

  14. Have you been? That stereotype is a bit outdated in my experience. In the 90s there was literally dog shit everywhere but starting in the early 00s there was a huge shift and the city as a whole has been kept much cleaner since.

  15. I’m from Paris and unfortunately the opposite is true. Paris was much cleaner in the 90s and most of the 2000s, it is most certainly not a stereotype. Whole town smells like hot piss every night and there’s garbage, cardboard boxes, dog shit and cigarette butts everywhere, especially in most of rive droite. More and more needles popping up too…

  16. Yes, but just make sure you have some duct tape to keep the top hat together if you need a radiator or some fans. Most of the threads will be unraveled and useless when you first open your Ghost S1 👍

  17. I mean that they aren’t properly fitted and installed, it’s just like a spring hanging out of it. My “super early bird backed” case was defective and I’m still salty about to this day.

  18. Same boat as you and about to graduate from OSU with a CS degree, I don’t think there’s anything here that’s either A) open to entry level devs or B) paying a competitive salary compared to basically any other city in the country. None of my friends in the industry here work for companies based here.

  19. The touchline on the bombonera is exactly what I'm talking about when it comes to bringing the stands closer to the pitch

  20. Son do you have any idea how much security around the field has increased since Messi signed? They want more seats sure, but I don’t think they’re serious about bringing in the stands much closer. You already can barely see shit on corners if you sit in the first few rows, there’s an entire row of stewards who stand up with ropes and block damn near the entire view:

  21. Weirdest thunder I’ve heard in a long time, but what was that huge explosion around 2:17 before the rain? Sounded like it came from central city

  22. I never got a break tag for the car I’ve had for 3.5 years. Still not getting one. When cops take reports for crimes I report to them, we can talk about stickers on cars.

  23. I’m with you 100%, but damn if this amnesty program isn’t tempting me. I hate this administration and the NOPD with a burning passion but at what point is it worth it to avoid an even steeper ticket. I’ve gotten lucky this far…I honestly don’t even remember when I got my last brake tag, 2017? 18? The ticket would be steep if NOPD ever enforced it.

  24. That McDonald’s used the debit card I had just paid for my food with to purchase hundreds of dollars of crap from Dick’s sporting goods while I sat there in the drive thru waiting for my food.

  25. Popeye’s on Claiborne pulled the same shit on me recently.

  26. wesh there’s another parigot around here?!

  27. It's not gross, i just think you can get a better chicken sandwich at a large number of places. I'd rather eat a hot'n'spicy McChicken to be honest

  28. As someone that used to eat a disgusting amount of hot’n’spicy McChickens coming home from the saint way too often, that statement is absolute bullshit and you know it.

  29. What amount would be affordable to you?

  30. Not OP but tagging along out of curiosity, what would $2-2.3k get you today? Rent in New Orleans has gone insane so I’m sure it’s the same in Miami.

  31. I'm pretty sure New Orleans rent is cheaper than Miami. I do have friends in New Orleans so I can talk to them and I can also do some digging online myself as well.

  32. You would think, but we’ve been flooded by remote working transplants and airbnb hoarders since covid and now rent in even the most violent, run down parts of this city is comically inflated. Paying 1800+ a month for a small, rundown shithole in the nation’s murder capital is not worth it. I’ve always thought about moving to Miami since I was a kid and have been slowly applying for jobs but I’m just looking for locals’ opinions since the usual renting websites don’t always reflect a “true” image of the actual real estate market.

  33. Glad I brought a Jeep here, is all I can say. Mileage is ass, but it's tough enough for the roads.

  34. What kind of jeep if you don’t mind me asking? I’m debating between a Bronco or some variant of a Wrangler for my next car but keep hearing some Wranglers handle busted streets significantly better than others.

  35. Don’t use your credit card at the one on Claiborne unless you’re a fan of ~mystery~ charges popping up shortly after.

  36. Is there any ETA on AT&T setting up fiber lines near Touro? I can’t take this shit much longer, Cox has lost me thousands of dollars in failed exams and missed deadlines due to outages. Tired of paying $100+ for 1/15th of the speed I pay for.

  37. They’re 100% casing the house, I had a Verizon worker come by uptown a few months ago and she had a lanyard and promo materials. This was right when Verizon was getting the eyesore 5g towers up on every block and went door to door to poach Cox customers.

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