1. As soon as international packages come to the US, the government (separate from UPS) checks to make sure the contents are correct, what taxes should be applied, if someone is lying about a declared value, etc. As soon as a package enters a country, that country’s government will apply taxes, duties, and item/customs taxes. Once everything has been checked and paid, the government will release it back to the original carrier for delivery. It can take several days to pass through. Especially for more expensive items/brand name items.

  2. UPS is "not operating" that Monday the 26th. Only UPS stores will be operating that day.

  3. How much do you pay for your weekly pick ups? I only pay roughly $16 a week for pick ups through out the week and I get 2 pick ups a day. And if I am scheduling a one time pick up for a client, its about $14 per pick up from a residential.

  4. Definitely cheaper to choose the Worldwide Expedited. I ship computers all the time to Canada and brokerage fees are usually $80-100 usd extra on high value items when you use standard. I also agree that brokerage fees are different government customs fees. The current government rate is around 1.3712 (12-14%) so expect to pay roughly $342.80 usd before UPS can deliver your package. On the bright side, you saved $40-50 on brokerage fees.

  5. I too would consider myself as loud. When I get excited, I tend to talk really loud. I am also very confident when I speak so it comes off as being loud.

  6. I'm sorry. Unfortunately I have no idea. Usually if I ship surepost within my state, it will be delivered by UPS. If your package is being shipped across multiple states, the higher that chance of it being delivered by USPS. I wish I could tell you more but I only know the percentage of it being delivered by UPS compared to USPS. I would just watch it closely.

  7. I was 12 when I was diagnosed. Went all through high school and early adulthood denying it. It wasn't until I turned 23 when I realized that I needed to be on medication for the rest of my life (I was on and off with medication before this point). I wouldn't say I hit "full" rock bottom, but emotionally I hit rock bottom and I better understood that my actions had consequences to the people around me. Once I started taking things seriously, my mental health got a lot better and my relationships with others have been at an all time high.

  8. I live in the Midwest too and the weather here is also kicking my butt. A lot of people I know swear by light therapy. In particular, my dad has this very bright light box that he uses through out the day that helps. Thankfully my office lights are really bright. Also having a "strict" routine helps me a lot. Making sure I'm taking my meds in the morning, I'm eating whether I want to or not, taking breaks to get up and walk every hour, taking time to do what I love everyday even if it's only for a short period, playing with my dog for at least a certain amount of time a day, going to bed at the same time, etc.

  9. In my experience, the first week was the hardest. I did get a little better but I ended up with taking half of 25mg was the best amount for myself during the week, and then 25mg on the weekend if I wanted to sleep roughly 10 hours or more. Sometimes building up to 50mg can help your body adjust, at least that is what worked for me.

  10. How did you return your phone? No packing needed? Customer packed? Or you needed to print the label and pack? Certain options will not show any tracking information through UPS. As long as you have your receipt from the store that you dropped it off at, you should be good. That is your proof that you have returned it.

  11. Longest time for me is just over 2 hours. And it wouldn't be true customer service/tech support when they finally pick up but you suddenly have a busy rush so you are unable to pick up, and now have to recall them.

  12. Definitely edited and it looks like they are trying to make $20-30 more on shipping. IL to WA, for an example, with that size and weight mentioned on the receipt is roughly $55.

  13. I would really contact the company that shipped you that. Usually you would see the fees in the brokerage and government charges. Did they ship you a whole Freight worth of clothes? I feel like there is a mistake somewhere here about it. Import charges are never this high, especially for clothing. The only thing that makes sense is that the company did not pay for shipping and you are in charge of paying for that, because 608.48 sounds about correct for shipping if they sent it UPS express. Call Import Billing: 866-493-7140 or call UPS international customer services center 800-782-7892. Keep me updated! I might be able to help more if we can find out why there is a high import charge.

  14. Thank you for replying and the info. I contacted the seller and they currently looking into it. I am not trying to dodge any import fees but for a package that cost $440 should not be charge for $608. I also contacted UPS regarding this and they told me it’s the shipping charge. Will keep you updated. 🫡

  15. I mean, you’re not responsible to pay anything. If the problem is not resolved, I’d just refuse the package and ask for your money back. That of course would be the last possible option. And thanks for the update!

  16. Pick a practice that has multiple therapists. It will not hurt their feelings if you ask to switch and sometimes a therapist will recommend another therapist they think I’d a match and it isn’t an insult, they really think that person can help more.

  17. Thankfully all the practices in my area have at least 7 different therapists. And you are right, I should be more up front about how I'm feeling rather than instantly building a wall between us. Thank you a lot for the tips!

  18. I've had plenty of success with a good therapist. Not all of them are good though. Only thing you can do is try 'em out. You may try asking any real life friends or family if they have any recommendations if you're comfortable with that.

  19. Thanks a lot for the information! Very helpful. I'm the type to ditch after one session (I get really anxious about seeing someone again) or if things start to get hard I shut everyone out, so I'll keep that in mind going forward. I also had no idea that things get worse before they get better. When I get to that part of therapy, I'll take it as a sign that I'm getting better rather than thinking the therapy is not working.

  20. you can only open and inspect the package with the customer present and with their consent. You can't just start opening customers packages whenever you feel like.

  21. I mean technically you don't need the customer to be present to open their package. Once they sign/agree to the Terms and Conditions by UPS and The UPS Store to ship their package, they reserve the right to open and inspect anything. It's only if they don't sign it, and then The UPS Store has every right to refuse shipping the package. It's a security issue.

  22. I'll admitt I could be wrong, I was a manager for many years up until a year ago, but I believe that only applies to UPS proper, not TUPSS. atleast that's what I was always told by corporate.

  23. You could also be right but how I see it is that every store is individually owned so if a store owner is not comfortable shipping something for "suspicious" activity they can refuse it. I think if you are opening it for the protection of your employees, then it's legally fine. Not a lawyer lol. It's a very blurry line cause technically when you ship things at a ups store it's in the UPS system sooooo idk. I also left a year ago lol. I like reading T&C for fun from any company. I also remembering something like this happening a while ago too and somewhere in the world of T&C said that we could open it. It might of been during the time when shipping stores were being bombed by a serial bomber and UPS might of changed their T&C for it.

  24. At least when I was getting my degree in Disability, it is more polite to say "person with...", because at the end of the day we are a person first. I am a person with brown hair. I am a person with Asian origins. I am a person with bipolar disorder. Yes I have all those things but does it define who I am? No, so that is why I say "person with" always.

  25. At 12 I had bad depression and s-thoughts as well as abusive parents. "God is testing you" or "God gives only the strong these trials" people would say. Nah, that is not a god/religion that I want to follow. Soon after I stopped believing.

  26. It’s part of a quest. “A Drop in the Ocean”. It involves Yuslan.

  27. I ship to Canada a lot and it is probably the worst country to ship to because of duty and taxes. I believe it is anything under $30 (in value) you won’t have to pay anything in taxes or duties. Ups.com does have a detailed price list for duty and taxes. I always UNDER value items unless it needs to be insured OR if it is a well known brand item, ie Apple iphone, because Canada is going to say they know the “true” cost of the item and you can’t undervalue it. But things like a tshit, I’ll say it’s $10 rather than the full price of $20. Very common items you can get away with undervaluing it. Also, shipping online at ups.com and filling out the invoice on there can actually give you an estimated cost of what the taxes and duties may be like.

  28. Sounds like an easy $500 for shipping and packing. But I could be low/high balling it depending on where it is going. If I had to pack something like this, $100-200 just for packing and shipping depending where it is going. Also for shipping, not all are going to fit in one box so there will need to be multiple shipments. BUT this is all if you want your box to be delivered WITHOUT damage.

  29. We have to remind ourselves that pretty much everyone who doesn’t have this disorder will never, ever fully realize how much it affects us. That’s not an excuse for what some people say, but I’ve had to tell myself that not everyone is going to get it or know how to handle the situation.

  30. No, I understand what you mean. Most days I'm doing good and medication is working fine but sometimes it becomes hard to bottle up your emotions. After months of holding it in, I exploded this morning. After many years of struggling I've come to accept myself. And life nowadays is live walking up a river. Sometimes I'm able to slowly move up the river towards happiness but sometimes I slip and end up several steps back from where I started. I just gotta keep pushing through.

  31. This is so rough and I can relate in many ways. We’ll make it, as long as we have a good heart we will be blessed

  32. Thank you. I really appreciate your support :)

  33. Does SKSE work for regular Skyrim? I also had an outdated SKSE for Skyrim. If Skyrim isn’t opening correctly, Enderal won’t load. Best thing is to uninstall Skyrim and Enderal, reinstall Skyrim, launch on SKSE and make sure that works, then reinstall Enderal and launch through SKSE.

  34. Looks like we found the problem! I’d recommend wiping Skyrim and starting from scratch. Enderal will run a lot better that way.

  35. I was somewhat concerned about my diagnosis. I had previously (as a teen) been diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder and told that I did not need medication. When I was older, my diagnosis was changed to bipolar and I was told I needed lifelong medications.

  36. I've been to many doctors and all have said that I have something different. They all agreed that I had some sort of mood disorder and eventually settled on 100% bipolar with other unknown illnesses (PTSD, Social Anxiety, etc). Kinda got tired of being told what I had and began to focus more of fixing my symptoms and getting better.

  37. It's important to me because I do a lot of research into my condition(s). I like to know what the science says and what options are available to me, what's evidence-supported and what's not, etc. I find it empowering to have the information for myself. In order to do that, though, I need to know what I've got going on. If I don't know my exact diagnosis, I'm leaving it entirely in the hands of my psychiatrist/therapist. They're a huge part of my treatment, but I'm an even bigger one.

  38. I agree. Knowledge is power, and a lot of new technology/new treatments have come out to help those with bipolar. Technology has come so far that you can even test your blood to see what medication would work best with your body. At the end of the day we are the ones that are going to make the decision on how we want to treat our bipolar.

  39. I’d like to argue with this list, says no human body parts but I know I’ve loaded “donated human tissue” in a truck before.

  40. For medical purposes. Yes. You can ship a dead cat, body part, etc if it is for medical purposes/medical learning purposes. People trying to ship an urn, no, that is not allowed.

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