1. I legit thought this was a coffee maker at first glance.

  2. Check out the WAN show from Linus Tech Tips, as Linus himself points out the flaws with it. Inheritance tax inevitably screws over tons of people. Not only does your family inevitably get taxed to hell and back, but, then your company can too upon shifting owners (he's Canadian so, some rules are certainly different, as would other nations rules, but, this is a quick example of what can happen).

  3. Check out the Constitution some time, and you might like the tax system implemented there. Originally we were only supposed to be taxed on imported goods, and for a maximum of 2 years during a war.

  4. Guess they’re ignoring the ones who smash guitars at the end of a song?

  5. Flip the top two up and you should be good. It’s not a requirement to have it balanced but it does make it easier to keep decent airflow

  6. How should it respond? Gearing up for WW3. How will it respond? Depends on how much trust you put into the current president.

  7. I think a man named Adam, having eaten the wrong fruit comes to mind

  8. One of my favorite memes in regards to Britain is the pic of the US and British carriers, with the Brits asking: “over compensating for something?”

  9. Never gonna view kinder eggs the same way again o.o (or well , kinder joys, cause congress is a killjoy and hasn’t lifted the ban on the kinder eggs yet >.>)

  10. All the jokers are in DC, so it that would check out

  11. Uh wtf…. Jesus is Jewish, so would’ve been dark hair and dark eyes. Though woulda been hella built since he was the son of a carpenter, lol.

  12. If anyone’s curious or confused with the map: each color represents ~50% of the people in the nation. So regardless of what your political viewpoint is, the colors are simply representing a percentage.

  13. I sent a kerbal into orbit around the sun, with no way of getting back. Accidentally aborting of the equipment is fine xD

  14. Pretty sure this is a Discworld thing. “There are over 283.6 constellations in the sky, but as some of them get bored or irritated they have a tendency to just move. This has made it rather difficult to count them as a result. And occasionally you can see a couple of them intermingling hoping to create another constellation.”

  15. 9/11 caught us off guard, but here’s the fun part. Catching us off guard isn’t the issue. It’s retaliation. The speed at which the military would move upon invasion is insane, never mind what the locals would do.

  16. Nice, seems like we fixed the housing problem

  17. I'm british and this entire thread is dealing 2d12 psychic damage with every new entry

  18. I’m American and reading this (original pic) was like getting hit in the head with more and more dice

  19. Keurigs people, keurigs!! Literally, run the water through a k-cup machine, put tea bag in mug, let tea cook for like 2-5 minutes (based on tea, please read instructions). This will save you so much trouble

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