1. Congrats, can you send me a link to the right modchip for the switch?

  2. Just look on aliexpress for “HWFLY OLED”. Any v5 or greater boards will work.

  3. Where do I find the right tuturial on how to install this

  4. € 83,73 | Neueste Hwfly Oled V5, neue Hwfly Oled V 4,2 Unterstützung Oled Konsole Aktualisierbar und Flashable Chip Original Großhandel Beste Preis Jetzt!

  5. I think the first one is still fine, but the ps2 is freaking me out

  6. Good job, now don’t destroy your collection with bullshit like my name is mayo. In the end a trophy should be somehow to be proud of and you can be on this title

  7. Nice I almpst forgot that I ordered one, now I am a little excited too

  8. Is it? Compared to all the other good games you could have played in this time?

  9. Spelunky 2 is considered to be one of the hardest games in the world. It is one of the final challenges before getting to Cosmic Ocean. Did you expect it to be easy?

  10. You can save him if you time it correctly

  11. I am calling PETA I hate the cosmetic industry testing their Make-up on pigs 😤

  12. A lot of people misunderstand, as long as the space isn’t too tight and you have holes at the back for ventilation you should be sweet.

  13. Like holes for cables or a completely open back?

  14. Even tho I hate fifa, I like the setup!

  15. https://bilderupload.org/bild/e92e95954-191728fc-d373-45dc-ade1-e

  16. Cost me about 15 bucks to change a black controller to this! Its pretty simple to do if you wanna give it a shot

  17. Even if it fits, do you want a ps5 to drop half a meter?

  18. Thank you, so there is basically no rush

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