1. The fandom is still going strong, and naturally with it, its most famous and accepted ship.

  2. Fight Fighters: Dipper is terrified of being beaten up by Robbie, and Grunkle Stan callously tells him to man up.

  3. Ngl, I wonder how Mabifica could have worked, if only because it would have been a proto -Lumity.

  4. Huh... didn't even know this existed until now.

  5. I get that Luz just got her palisman, but it bugged me that she didn't try to wield it against Kikimora. Not sure what the writers have in mind for Kikimora, but she is a character has received an odd amount of screentime both in this episode and the season as a whole.

  6. For me, Thanks to Them was a stronger and significantly more impressive episode, as it had to pick up from the ending of King's Tide and effectively compress the Hexside Squad's adventures on Earth into a single special, and it did so very well. Its only issues were a somewhat shaky handling of Luz's depression - that Azura parallel scene was a little on the nose - and some weird dialogue ("Cool! Humans freak out just like us!" is a weird line considering all the times Luz has freaked out/gotten into shenanigans with her friends). It was still an episode that balanced comedy and tone a lot better than For the Future, and accomplished a lot of the heavy lifting for this shortened season. In comparison, For the Future feels like a stumble, and that can be partly excused because its scope is much greater than that of Thanks to Them, but even then, I am pretty disappointed.

  7. "People for absolutely no reason: I HATE YOU!"

  8. Regardless of Dipper and Ford leaving Mabel out of the loop, the ramifications of Mabel's deal with Blendin were still horrifying; she was essentially going to pull a WandaVision on Gravity Falls, freezing everyone in the town into a day of summer that would last as long as she wanted.

  9. Jason Ritter's expression is... unnerving lmao.

  10. For me, ScaryOke. I found it a practically seamless transition from Season 1 to Season 2 and was a huge fan of the neon lighting/shading and the final sing off.

  11. Ran into some slight issues with this one, and had to do a lot of retakes for each of the 6 scenes in this. Tested switching from third person to first person point of view, walking on smooth floors, some more slow motion scenes, editing a stop motion scene onto a camera monitor feed, and an opacity trick seen in the first scene.

  12. Ah damn, what is your “stop motion gear”? I did Lego animations as a kid but with a clumsy vhs recorder. This is so clean it makes me want to pick up the hobby (modernized) again

  13. Oh thank you! I use an old Canon Powershot SX 530 on a LEGO "camera stand" (Hard to use a tripod on the carpet floors around the desk I animate on, and been meaning to get an automatic remote so I can take photos without touching the camera). For lighting, I use an LED reading light and an LED desk lamp.

  14. Really cool! The thing that would really sell the effect is if both characters were to move in slow motion.

  15. Oh, great point! Thanks for the tip! Will keep this in mind for future work.

  16. Made a few weeks ago, it was mainly a test for slow motion sequences, since I have an obsession with making slow motion scenes in my stop motions now lol. Probably my shortest collab part to date.

  17. This is about a month old, but I wanted to get some opinions on the fight scene I did in it. I know the run cycles are slightly iffy, need to practice run cycles for 20 a bit more. Any criticism is appreciated.

  18. Roadside Attraction is good, maybe? Great is pushing it in my opinion. I won't deny that it has a good morale, and visually it is very interesting, with the sheer variety of locations and tourist traps shown, as noted by ThatGFFAN.

  19. I usually film at 30 fps, but after seeing many of my stop motion friends do so well with 15, I want to switch to 15. I would like criticism so I can refine my understanding and use of 15 fps more. I am watching a lot of tutorials on 15 fps already and working to understand filming in this frame rate.

  20. Imo, you can skip the following episodes and miss fairly little:

  21. Once again, thank you so much for all the work put into this series! This "season," paired with all the fun comics you made, is such a blast to read and reread for me!

  22. As someone noted in the comments, there was even a notable MoringMark comic that addressed that thought, by having Mabel just stay with Dipper in Gravity Falls, in her case learning about scamming people from Grunkle Stan.

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