Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Monologue - SNL

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  1. It was quite the opposite lol. In the past century, Serbia tried 4 waves of colonization to overturn the ethnic Albanian majority and failed miserably.

  2. I was looking at the same laptops I guess you also shop at kupujemprodajem hahaa. I would chose lenovo.

  3. The legion is highly praised overall. I have Msi delta and have been very happy with it. So I guess it comes down to preferences like screen refresh rate or fidelity. Battery life or wall hugging. Does one have a MOX switch? If one of them does that would probably be the best tie breaker. Do you plan to use this solely for gaming?

  4. What is the switch for? Quick googling tells me it's supposed to force the laptop display to connect directly to the GPU. Does this mean that without the switch it would somehow not utilize the GPU while gaming? Battery life and display aren't that important to me, since I'll be using it with the TV or monitor most of the time, and it'll probably be plugged in all the time. This is also something I heard, that the laptop will perform worse when it's not plugged in?

  5. Brendan Schaub now. It might be the hardest watch possible

  6. He's probably still shellshocked from getting a boner when androgynous monster stripped. I know I am.

  7. Anyone got that video of a team from like 1920s playing against a team from 1990s? I think it was Arsenal.

  8. He could have passed so easily.

  9. Not really, he was marked pretty well considering

  10. There was plenty of space between the person he could have passed to and goal, he could easily have done a pass far ahead.

  11. Probably, but he'd have to weigh it almost perfectly.

  12. He really wanted to pass it and just wasn't focused. Embarassing.

  13. I think Central Asia is perfect for them. They start out with roads and that's exactly where the Silk Road went through. Also the culture of Central Asia is pretty similar to that of Turkey.

  14. What the fuck are those faces you keep making?

  15. Literally just one guy, but way to throw an entire nation under the bus cause of him

  16. Is James Corden your biggest influence? In terms of cadence and mannerism anyway. 'That takes me back' is a pretty solid joke, but that poster is just the worst thing I've ever seen.

  17. The stat that 5/7 USA corners were met by Maguire’s head is fantastic.

  18. He has the unfair advantage of 9.81 m/s2

  19. This is 100% ending up on their Twitter and in their game under news feed, unless there's some potential copyright issue with Heroforge. Someone should tweet this at them irregardless.

  20. Wow that’d be cool! Maybe I’ll get a Twitter account to do just that, only problem is I’ve misspelled Yadakk ahaha but thank you so much for the compliments :)

  21. I suggest you fix the spelling and perhaps check Heroforge's copyright policy on sharing, then tweet @ them with your gallery and maybe DM them the copyright info, so they don't have to waste time with that.

  22. I believe you failed to understand what I'm asking

  23. Nah I understand you want to hear the players shout at each other and just general stadium noise but I’m just being unhelpful

  24. Another point I could have mentioned is that we'd be able to hear coaches and players talking much more clearly

  25. TNT OT has game sound and above the basket camera angle, it’s amazing!

  26. Is TNT OT a standalone streaming service or part of some cable/streaming packages?

  27. Your entire thesis doesn’t make sense. You liked the old chapelle simply because you don’t find him funny today? Explain how that connects

  28. I could have phrased that a bit better, I was following up on the guy saying 2006 Chappelle was better. I liked his old comedy style, I don't like whatever this is he's doing nowdays. And it has nothing to do with any 'sensitive' subjects.

  29. “I liked him when he said things I wanted to hear…”

  30. I liked the old Chappelle simply because I don't find him funny today. If you watch his most recent stand up specials, you'll notice the amount of jokes is painfully low. Sure, Carlin liked to preach a lot in his stand ups, but his monologues usually had a punchline. I only take offense at Chappelle's comedy because I don't think it's funny.

  31. It's hilarious that majority of people seeing this are thinking "haha that's so funny" but as soon as he uses one of a couple other expletives then this man should be banned from the stadium for life.

  32. I never thought much of Ari, but this special is definitely way above any expectations I could have had. His material seems rock solid, delivered with surprising confidence and audience seems really engaged.

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