1. great buy and you get the piece of mind knowing it is CERTIFIED KIND as well.

  2. Well to play devils advocate Galenas is the only certified KIND cultivator in the state that grows in soil and they stand with us on recreational mj. Small local businesses like Galenas need our help now more than ever with all this out of state competition. Just my 2c

  3. just my 2cents but its fair to pay 50$ if you know your getting certified KIND clean medicine. i wish the other cultivators would get there stuff together and grow in soil as well, until than we should be thankful we have people like galenas who care about the patience at least.

  4. i wish rise had this in stock more often you cant get any better then soil grown certified kind craft flowers.

  5. they are the only certified KIND cultivator in the program instead we should be outraged about the other cultivators not growing in soil like galenas IMO and encourage them to get certified KIND. i will gladly pay a premium for safe medicine

  6. theres a level of comfort that comes with the testing in this program and lack of pesticides in the organics. i dont have the confidence in michigans program so id probably bring my own from home with me to each there own though

  7. The lead staff from galenas is a professor at the cleveland school of cannabis and teaches the soil biology its safe to say they know what there doing. I think they said there methods revolve around how much harder organics are then hydro and so they want to start with a clean slate everytime. There is no marketing involved the compost they use is guaranteed full of bactieras and also very living. We should be happy we have at least one certified kind grower in the program alot of us have weakened immune systems as is and dont need to be inhaling gmos roundup and all the other nasty chemicals.

  8. I feel like you may have missed my point and have hopped to being defensive and packing your response with buzz words, I’m not attacking this company in the slightest. I appreciate that they’re taking an organic approach as I’ve stated numerous times in this thread.

  9. sorry if i came across that way the post wasnt meant to be defensive i just want to see more growers move towards certified organic so galenas should probably be low on the list of people to criticize in my view. you sound like you really understand the technicals better then me so i will take your word on all that and hope your concerns get addressed.

  10. didnt realize this is a local thing dairymens is amazing

  11. I usually vaporize between 360F and 365F and it works well for me why is this too hot

  12. There are a couple cultivator that grow some old school strains (grow Ohio come to mind but there's probably a couple more) Alot of times in the industry processors will just use terpenes to mimic a strains flavor, effects, etc. Its not actually extracted from that strain of flower. But there are a couple who are only processing certain strains into extracts too it seems at least

  13. are they allowed to use food grade terpenes or do they have to be derived from cannabis ?

  14. They're allowed to use botanically derived terpenes too. Supposedly they aren't even required to specify. They can use food grade glycerin and propylene glycol too. Plus not all are listing all solvents used or compounds extract comes into contact with. Buckeye/airopro use botanical for part of their vape line

  15. thanks for the information, looks like im sticking to flower to be safe

  16. holy... 29.3%!! i will probably skip this one there 34% THC gorilla nut was too strong for me good news for people who need stronger meds

  17. But they don’t want recreational marijuana so I’m out on them. ePBC is real good tho

  18. they didnt say that they only said the MORE act is moving too fast and we shouldnt rush a flawed federal legalization bill. we need to take the time to do it right.

  19. i wanted to try them but was skeptical about a company calling themselves clean leaf but not willing to get certified kind. how are the terps

  20. do you need a special vaporizer to use these pods or do they come with one? i wanted to try the luster pods but didnt want to end up with something i cant use

  21. it may be anecdotal but ive found that the terpenes on the synthetic medicine are never as strong or complex as the organic medicine in the program i dont have any science to make that up though

  22. Smells great! Will post a better review tomorrow. On that Sunset kick at the moment.

  23. Best flower in the program hands down also certified kind! did yours smell like real blueberries too

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